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Sewer Camera Inspection and Repair Services

When a backup occurs in a hard-to-access sewer line, it can be extremely frustrating. It’s nearly impossible to fix broken and clogged drains without the proper equipment and skills. However, our highly trained plumbers can quickly examine your pipes with a drain camera inspection. Our team of technicians offer comprehensive sewer camera inspection services for homes in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Give our plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with a sewer backup or a broken drain line.

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What Do Sewer Line Inspection Cameras Do?

Plumbers use sewer line inspection cameras to diagnose and identify problem areas in a drainage or sewer system without excavating it manually. These long, high-definition cameras are inserted down a pipe and use their powerful lenses and sensors to take real-time video footage of what is happening inside the pipes.

With this footage, plumbers can easily pinpoint potential issues within navigation chambers, lateral lines, mainlines, or anywhere else in the sewer lines. As a result, these cameras save time and money and help protect our environment by reducing the need for excavation and preventing damage to nearby structures like trees, roads, or buildings.

Types of Problems Sewer Cameras Are Able to Detect

Sewer cameras can uncover various issues within underground pipe systems. For example, the cameras can locate potential problems such as blockages, cracks, and tree roots. In addition, it can discover the extent of damage that has occurred. Our staff of expert technicians can perform a video sewer inspection on your property to prevent leakages or collapsed pipes that could cause extensive flooding and costly repair work.

Our team of skilled plumbers offer reputable drain and sewer camera inspection services for homes in areas such as Allentown, Edison, Upper Darby, Baltimore, Wilmington, and Bethlehem. Our technicians will help detect and eliminate issues such as wasted materials or aging piping systems on your property. With the right knowledge and equipment, sewer line inspections utilizing camera technology can efficiently identify and solve many pipe-related problems.

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Allentown, PA

5 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

A video sewer inspection project is needed when there is a problem deep within the drain lines connected to your house. We have created an extensive outline of the benefits of sewer inspections.

1. Affordable and Non-Invasive

The best thing about drain camera inspection services is that plumbers do not have to dig underground to examine the problem. The tool allows plumbers to do less labor and keep from ruining your landscape. You can save money from labor costs due to our plumbers not having to dig and refill the trenches.

2. Detect a Range of Sewer Line Issues

Through sewer camera inspection, plumbers can find all different kinds of issues deep within the drain line. For example, they can find broken pipes, nasty clogs, and leakage. The inspection allows plumbers to investigate the problem further to figure out how to fix your plumbing issues quickly.

3. Find Root Intrusion

Video sewer inspections help our team of certified plumbers discover tree root intrusion in your pipes. This is when tree roots become attracted to the moisture of your drain and sewer lines. The leaking water fertilizes the roots to grow around or into the pipes. This can cause leaks, clogs, and interfere with your plumbing system.

Root intrusion can be difficult to prevent and even harder to detect. Luckily, our team of expert plumbers provide exceptional sewer camera inspection services for homeowners in Allentown, PA and are available to help you detect roots growing into your plumbing system. We are committed to working with you to eliminate clogged drains and blockages in your sewer pipes.

4. Diagnose the Health of Your Pipes

After years of build-up from grease, trash, soap scum, and food particles, your sewer pipe walls can start to suffer. If the pipe wall needs cleaning, repair, or replacement, a plumber can determine if it needs to be done with a sewer camera inspection.

5. Prevent Property Damage

Your property and health may be at risk due to severe sewer line problems. Backflows of toxic sewer water could result in serious health hazards that could be expensive to remedy if they flood your home or business.


Video Sewer Inspection and Repair Services in Allentown, PA and Other Areas

Camera inspections of your sewer lines can reveal a great deal about the condition of your piping and potential problems that may occur in the future. Our team of professionals offer dependable video sewer inspection services for homes in areas such as Haverford, Trenton, Newark, Baltimore, Allentown, Upper Darby, Silver Spring. We will work with you to eliminate backups on your property.

The technicians at Horizon offer camera inspection solutions that can help you avoid these costly repairs. We also provide sewer line repair services if the damage is already present. Lastly, our plumbers offer other types of emergency plumbing services such as drain cleaning, water line replacement, sump pump repair, and water heater installation. Give our plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive support with a damaged sewer line on your property.

If you need assistance with a backup in a sewer line, give our team of skilled plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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