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Backflow Testing, Repair, and Prevention Services

Backflow is one of the most serious issues that can strike the plumbing system in your home. It can lead to a decrease in water quality, prevent the proper function of fixtures, and cause sickness. Luckily, our team of local plumbers offer exceptional backflow testing and repair services for homes in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Give our staff a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with a backflow in your house.

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Backflow-related plumbing services are extremely important. Backflow testing determines if there is a problem, backflow repair fixes the issue, and backflow prevention helps prevent problems from happening. Our team of professional plumbers are able to provide these services to protect your home and family.

What Is a Backflow Preventer?

Water should only flow one way through a pipe. If it were able to flow both ways, dirty water would make its way into water fixtures, and clean water would drain right into the sewer. A backflow preventer ensures that water flows in this way. It effectively makes it impossible for water to flow the wrong way. This reduces the chance that backflow can happen significantly.

How Does a Backflow Happen?

The pressure in most pipes should prevent a backflow from happening at all. However, certain changes can cause a shift in the pressure within the pipes. For example, a pipe breaking, a fire hydrant being opened, or other problematic events shift pressure in unexpected ways. If this happens, backflow is a possibility, and emergency plumbing services may be necessary.

What Is a Backflow Prevention System?

A backflow prevention system is designed to prevent a backflow and can be installed in homes. Every home should have one of these, and it should work properly at all times. If this system is not in place or is somehow damaged, backflow is a danger until sewer line repair puts it back into place.

Backflow Testing and Repair Services in Baltimore, MD

5 Signs You Have Backflow Issues

It can be difficult to tell if your home is dealing with backflow issues. However, if you look out for the signs, you can get a good idea if a backflow is the culprit.

1. Water Leaks

A backflow should not happen in your house. If a backflow does occur, it has the potential to create several different problems with the plumbing. One of these is a water leak. Pipes can spring a leak, either a large or small one, due to backflow.

So, if you notice water dripping from your pipes or leaking somewhere, you may be dealing with a backflow problem.

2. Slow Drainage

Backflow can prevent drains from working properly. If this happens, the drains will drain slower than normal. You may notice that water pools up for a while before it starts to drain at all.

Our team of skilled technicians offer dependable backflow testing and prevention services for homeowners in areas such as Abington, Baltimore, Allentown, Drexel Hill, Newark, and Haverford. Our plumbers have the tools required to fix a slow drain or backflow in your house.

Sometimes, drain cleaning is all that is necessary to fix the issue. However, seeing it alongside other problems indicates a backflow on your property.

3. Water Pressure Variations

When backflow is an issue, it changes the pressure within the water pipes in a home. These pressure variations are felt across the system and impact its function.

This leads to some noticeable signs. If you are taking a shower and the pressure seems to fall and rise randomly, there may be an issue. The same can be said when using any other water source. However, it is easier to notice if the source of water is flowing for a while, as this gives the pressure variations time to appear.

4. Decrease In Water Quality

Backflow has a direct impact on the water that is flowing through the system. In cases of backflow, clean water is contaminated by dirty water. While the degree this happens depends on how dirty the water is, it always results in a net decrease in the quality of the water.

This can be noticed in a few different ways. If it is tap water that you drink, you may notice off flavors in the water. Meanwhile, the water may smell as well. This taste or smell may be something reminiscent of sulfur.

5. Discoloration of Water

In some cases, the contamination goes beyond a general decrease in water quality, which can be hard to observe. Instead, it changes visually. Usually, the water will look muddy or dirty in some way.

The upside to this issue is that it is easy to notice. Once you have spotted this problem, you can immediately know something is wrong and must be fixed.


Backflow Testing and Repair Services in Baltimore, MD and Other Areas

Dealing with backflow can be frustrating. Even determining if a home is suffering from backflow can be hard. This is why getting professional help is so necessary for this problem.

When you are dealing with backflow issues, our team of local plumbers in Baltimore, MD are available to perform convenient backflow testing, repair, and prevention services. We employ a staff of professional and licensed plumbers. They will be able to determine the exact problem in your home and have it repaired as soon as possible.

Our staff provides reputable backflow testing services in areas such as Newark, Allentown, Edison, Trenton, Wilmington, Mount Laurel, Upper Darby, Audubon, or Baltimore. If you need assistance with a backflow issue, give our technicians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

If you need assistance with a backflow in your home, give our team of skilled plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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