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Want to learn how you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system? Not sure if your home’s heating system can be repaired or if it requires complete replacement? Experiencing unexplained increases on your water bills and don’t know why? Horizon Services has the answers you need! Browse our frequently asked questions below and give us a call today to learn more about how our trusted team can help you with your air conditioning, heating, or plumbing problem!

Do heating and air conditioning systems really need regular maintenance?

How often do I need air conditioning and heating maintenance?

How often should I have my filters replaced?

How can I tell if I need professional air conditioning and heating service?

What size air conditioning and heating system should I have?

How can I increase my home’s heating and air conditioning efficiency?

What are the benefits of a programmable thermostat?

Are heat pumps a good choice for homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic States?

What causes heat pumps to freeze up?

When should I replace my air conditioning or heating system?

How important is indoor air quality?

How can I tell if my toilet is leaking and should I be worried?

How can I avoid toilet clogs?

What causes dripping faucets?

Why does water come up out of the shower drain when I flush the toilet?

What can I put down my garbage disposal?

How can I tell if there is a problem with my water heater?

What are the common signs of a hidden water leak?


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