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Hard water in your home might not be a concern for your health, but it is certainly a concern for your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Sooner or later, hard water can rust or otherwise deteriorate the pipework, causing leaks. Not to mention hard water has an undesirable taste to it and makes it difficult to safely clean sensitive fabrics, surfaces, dishes, and more.

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Horizon Services and our water treatment technicians are here to take care of your hard water problem with a water softening solution. We can install, replace, and repair water softeners and water softening systems of all sorts of makes and models, including WaterTech Reionator Pro Ultra, SoftMAX™, FerroMAX™, and NitroMAX™.

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How Water Softening Systems Work

Water is “hard” when it has a high mineral content. The minerals are generally not dangerous for people to drink, but they can cause all sorts of issues.

Hard water in your home will:

  • Ruin the flavor of your water
  • Leave water spots on any dish or surfaced cleaned with the water
  • Cause dry, itchy skin after bathing
  • Damage pipes and appliances
  • Reduce energy efficiency of your home’s water utility system

Water softening systems take the untreated, hard water and flow it through specific resins that strip away the unwanted minerals. An internal brine solution in the softener will clean the resin, allowing it to keep its efficiency, usually for years. At Horizon Services, we prefer to use WaterTech™ water softening units of different designs due to their reliability, effectiveness, and fair cost.

Effective & Efficient Water Softening from WaterTech™

For a comprehensive solution to your water hardness and contaminant issues, we recommend WaterTech™ Reionator Pro Ultra. This state-of-the-art system has the ability to handle many of the issues municipal water may have, including:

  • Hardness
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates
  • Iron
  • Heavy metals
  • Sediment
  • Rust

The Reionator Pro Ultra has the superior Aquahelix technology, which makes in 40% more efficient and effective for salt usage, compared to a standard water softener. For your peace of mind, the Reionator system comes with one of the industry’s strongest warranties—a lifetime warranty covering valves, tanks, resins, and electronics. This system is made in America and is third party verified to be more efficient than standard water softeners. If you’re looking for a system that can handle nearly any water issue, our water treatment professionals recommend the WaterTech™ Reionator Pro Ultra.

We also install SoftMAX™ for customers with general water hardness problems, as it works in most systems. Additionally, the FerroMAX™ system has a specialized resin to remove excess iron and manganese in your home’s water, while NitroMAX™ is equipped with a resin that can efficiently reduce nitrate content in water. Depending on the needs of your water, we can create a customized water softening solution.

Wondering what system is right for your home? You can call Horizon Services to ask our water treatment technicians and plumbers your questions.

Water Softener Installations, Repairs & Replacements Made Easy

Whether you want a new water softening unit installed or a preexisting system repaired, the water treatment specialists of Horizon Services are here to help. We prioritize your satisfaction by offering high-quality services at competitive prices.



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