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Boiler Tune-Up and Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Boiler Maintenance and Inspection Solutions

A well-maintained boiler is essential to keeping your home comfortable and warm, especially when the cold winter weather comes around. Our dedicated and skilled technicians provide remarkable boiler tune-up and maintenance services for homes in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Delaware. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 or book an appointment online to receive support with an inefficient boiler system.

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Our technicians bring their expertise to your home, ensuring that your boiler operates efficiently and safely by offering top-quality boiler tune-up services. We provide our boiler maintenance and inspection services to give you peace of mind while you enjoy the comforts of your home. Let us take care of the technicalities, and you can stay warm and relaxed.

Our Boiler Tune-up Process

Our team works hard to prioritize the longevity, health, and efficiency of your boiler. We have thorough heating system tune-up services available, and it covers all of the following:

  • Boiler Feed Valve – Test its functionality to help you maintain a consistent water feed
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety – Carbon monoxide is a silent and potentially deadly threat often associated with boilers when they are not properly maintained, emphasizing the critical importance of regular boiler inspections and maintenance to ensure safety
  • Circulator Motor – Our professionals will carefully inspect and lubricate for smoother operation and longer life
  • Electrical Checks – We assess the 120-volt supply, inspect all electrical connections, and review the low-voltage wiring
  • Expansion Tank Maintenance – We check boiler and indirect thermal expansion tank pressures
  • Flame and Ignition Checks – We will clean the flame proving sensor and test the hot surface ignitor using an OHM meter
  • Gas Valve and Burner Assembly – We verify the manifold pressure and clean the burner assembly to ensure you get consistent gas flow

Boiler Tune-Up and Maintenance Services in Baltimore, MD

6 Signs Your Boiler Needs Maintenance

While dozens of signs indicate that it’s time to think about a boiler tune-up from a qualified heating repair company, six are more common than others. These include:

1. Weird Noises

Boilers are usually primarily silent, at most emitting a soft humming sound. However, if you hear gurgling, whistling, or banging, it can be a sign that there is something wrong. The sounds can come from air in the boiler, a malfunctioning pump, or lime-scale buildup. These noises can indicate that your boiler isn’t operating in top shape.

2. Bad Odors

Your boiler usually will not have any bad smells, but if you notice a gas-like or musty odor, you should address it immediately. It can indicate you have a gas leak, and this is a considerable risk. It can also mean your boiler has a problem with the flue or ventilation.

3. High Heating Bills

If your heating bill suddenly spikes, it’s time for a boiler tune-up or maintenance. This indicates your boiler isn’t as efficient, which can be due to a dust buildup or dirt, or debris that makes it harder to heat your space. This can cause your bills to spike.

4. Cold House

Your main job of your boiler is to heat your home, so if you find some rooms feel cooler than usual or your radiators take longer to heat, it could indicate you have a circulation problem in your boiler.

Our team of technicians offer reputable boiler tune-up and inspection services for homeowners in areas such as Edison, Baltimore, Allentown, Charlotte, Wilmington, Trenton, and Haverford. If your house is cold, the source of the issue may be sediment buildup or a detective thermostat that requires immediate attention.

Our professionals have the tools necessary to eliminate sediment blockages and restore warm air in your house. Give our staff a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive support with inspecting your boiler system.

5. Water Leaks

Do you find damp spots or puddles around your boiler? Broken seals, corroded pipes, or high boiler pressure can all cause leaks. Small to large leaks waste water and they can cause significant damage to your home while making your boiler work harder.

6. Minimal Amount of Hot Water

A cold shower can be an unpleasant way to wake up, and if your boiler does not give you enough hot water or it’s inconsistent, sediment buildup, a malfunctioning diverter valve, or a faulty thermostat could be the cause. Scheduling regular boiler maintenance services from a professional company can ensure consistent hot water.

Baltimore, MD Boiler Tune-Up Services

What Are the Benefits of Boiler Maintenance?

Many people ignore their heating systems until they have a problem, which can cause expensive boiler replacement or boiler repair projects. Our professionals offer extensive boiler tune-up services in Allentown, PA and are committed to helping you become familiar with the importance of cleaning and inspecting your system.

Regular boiler tune-ups, however, can ward away unwanted surprises, and it comes with several benefits, including:

  • Early Issue Detection – Catching minor problems, like water presence, can stave off significant repairs or total breakdowns
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Fixing any minor issues can boost the efficiency of your boiler, saving on energy bills
  • Longer Lifespan – Regular checks and fixes can prolong the lifespan of your boiler, ultimately saving on replacement costs
  • Optimal Heating – Ensuring the heating elements function correctly gives you consistent warmth all winter
  • Safety First – Our technicians spot potential hazards, from gas line obstructions to carbon monoxide risks, ensuring your home stays safe

How Often Should You Schedule Boiler Tune-Ups?

How often you schedule boiler tune-up and maintenance appointments with our team depends on your needs and schedule. Ideally, you will want to schedule an inspection annually, usually late in the summer or early fall. This helps our team address any issues before you need your boiler.

We Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

We prioritize exceptional customer service and offer a money-back guarantee. If your boiler fails after a system tune-up, we can credit the tune-up cost toward any necessary repairs or give you a full refund. We also guarantee new boiler installs with a warranty of up to 12-years.

Providing the Peace of Mind Your Family Needs

At Horizon, we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind. We are prepared for any emergency with over 300 fully-equipped trucks on standby. Our technicians continuously sharpen their skills with 150 hours of annual training on the latest HVAC techniques. For your safety, all our staff undergo thorough background, drug, and criminal checks.

Boiler Tune-Up Services in Baltimore, MD

Boiler Tune-up, Maintenance, and Inspection Services for Homes in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, and New Jersey

Our team has built a reputation for trust and expertise in HVAC Services in Baltimore, MD and other locations. Our staff provides dependable boiler inspection and maintenance services for local homeowners in areas such as Bethlehem, Cherry Hill, Newark, Silver Spring, Raleigh, and Allentown. Choose Horizon, and rest easy knowing the health of your boiler system is in expert hands.

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