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Well Pump Installation and Repair Services

For millions of people, the only way they can get access to water is through a well. To access well water, you need a pump. Luckily, our team of expert plumbers offer comprehensive well pump installation and repair services for homes in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Give our team a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance installing a well pump.

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Well pumps help circulate water into your home to provide you with drinking water, water for cleaning, and water for appliances including your water heater, boiler, and refrigerator. If you need well pump repair or well pump installation, our team can get the work done. We can repair, replace, or install a new well pump for you with no hassle or trouble.

What Is a Well Pump?

A well pump is a device that moves the water in a well to a storage tank for use in the home. There are several varieties of well pumps, and they are often found in these areas:

  • Inside the home
  • Inside the well
  • In an outbuilding

There are three main types of well pumps that you may have working in your home:

  • Submersible
  • Centrifugal
  • Jet

One of the significant considerations to make is the size and shape of your well. The type of well you are using can differ depending on the depth of the aquifer beneath your home and the materials the well passes through.

Well Pump Installation and Repair Services in Delaware and Pennsylvania

How Does a Well Pump Work?

Well pumps operate by using impellers. Submerged well pumps use impellers to push the water through the pipes. Both centrifugal and jet pumps use impellers to create a suction and pull the water up.

You will find advantages and disadvantages with each type of well pump. Our professionals will perform extensive well pump installation services and will help you choose the correct type of system for your house.

The water tank and the well pump work together. When the pump detects the water level has fallen too low, it automatically turns on to refill the tank. We are committed to offering superior plumbing services in your local area and will work with you to keep your well pump in optimal operating condition.

Ways to Size a Well Pump

To make sure that your well pump works for your home, you need to get the right size. You can figure out what size you need by counting the fixtures in your home. You will have between 12-14 fixtures in a typical home with two bathrooms. The fixtures include faucets, washing machines, clothes washers, and more.

For this kind of load, you would need a well pump that can provide up to 12 gallons per minute. It is important to work with our team of skilled plumbers to choose the correct system size prior to performing a well pump installation project on your property. Otherwise, your system won’t keep up with your water needs. There is nothing worse than running out of water in the middle of a shower or when you are washing dishes.

5 Common Well Pump Issues and Ways to Avoid Them

Having an independent water supply comes with a lot of advantages. To protect your water supply, it is important to know common issues that well pumps can have. This will make it easy for you to avoid issues before they require extensive repairs. Below are five common well pump issues and ways to respond to them.

1. It’s Turned Off

As with any system, there are times when it might be shut off. You should always make sure that your well pump is on before you worry about anything else. If you turn the pump on and it doesn’t work or is already on and not working, check the breaker. The power pulled by a well pump can cause a breaker to trip.

2. Malfunctioning Pressure Switch

One part of a well pump that can go out is the pressure switch. If your pressure switch fails, it won’t fill the tank when the water level gets low. This can lead to low water pressure and running out of water.

Our team of licensed plumbers offer dependable well pump repair and replacement services for homeowners in areas such as Upper Darby, Trenton, Baltimore, Wilmington, Allentown, Charlotte, and Haverford. Our technicians have the tools necessary to fix or replace a broken pressure switch in your well pump.

3. Pumping Air

The sound that air makes when it moves through your pipes is unmistakable. The mixture of air and water coming out of your faucet will spurt and gurgle. When this happens, the problem is often that you need a water line repair project performed.

Repairing and working on water lines can be difficult, and damage can be expensive. If you need a water line repair, you can trust our team of licensed plumbers in Baltimore, MD and other areas to fix your damaged pipes.

4. Short Cycling

If your well pump is cycling off and on repeatedly, it can be a sign of a lot of different problems. You could be having issues with leaking water, pressure switches, or air bladders. A well pump repair professional can diagnose the problem fast and get your system back up and running.

5. Constant Operation

If your well pump is working all the time, there could be issues with the pump or the switch. You can check the switch to see if that is what is causing the operation. If it is not the issue, you will need to have a professional come out and see if you need a well pump replacement.


Well Pump Installation and Repair Services

Whether you need a well pump installation or drain clearing, the team of friendly plumbers at Horizon can help solve all of your water and plumbing issues. Our technicians have years of experience. They will be able to quickly solve your problem or help you decide on the solution that works best for you.

Our team of local plumbers provide exceptional well pump installation and repair services for homeowners in areas such as Silver Spring, Drexel Hill, Raleigh, Baltimore, Allentown, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with fixing or installing a well pump system in your house.

If you need assistance installing or fixing a well pump, give our team of certified plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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