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A malfunctioning furnace can be a major headache for a homeowner. Furnace problems often go unnoticed until it’s too late—many homeowners don’t realize their heating system isn’t working properly until they go to turn it on, only to find that it’s making strange noises, blowing cool air, or failing to fully heat the house. While repairs are often possible, some problems call for a complete furnace replacement. When this is the case, turn to the experienced team at Horizon Services. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping homeowners throughout Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Maryland with reliable furnace replacement services at affordable rates. Plus, we stand behind all our work with industry-leading warranties, including up to 12 years on both parts and labor. At Horizon Services, your satisfaction is so important to us, we even guarantee it.

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Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace?

Knowing when it might be time to replace your gas or electric furnace is important. There are many factors involved and making the right decision between repairs and replacement can end up saving you lots of money, not to mention time and stress.

You may want to consider replacing your furnace if any of the following are true:

  • The cost of repairs is more than the cost of a full replacement
  • Your furnace requires frequent or repeated repairs
  • Your furnace is more than 12 years old and has not been well-maintained
  • Your furnace is not very energy-efficient
  • Your furnace does not adequately heat your home
  • Repairs are not possible to keep your furnace running properly

When it comes to replacing your furnace, there are many options to choose from. Our experienced technicians can help you find a furnace that is the right size for your home, offers the energy-efficiency you desire, and meets your budgetary requirements. Once you’ve selected a replacement system, we’ll get right to work replacing your old furnace with your new one.

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