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Toilet Repair and Installation Services

The plumbing system in your home is an essential component you depend on daily. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a malfunctioning toilet. If your toilet is not working correctly, it may be time to seek professional help. Our team of expert plumbers offer dependable toilet repair and installation services for homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Give our technicians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with a broken toilet in your house.

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Toilet Replacement Services

Sometimes the biggest toilet issues require a new toilet replacement. Replacing your toilet will improve the efficiency and functionality of your plumbing system. In addition, investing in a new toilet can help improve the aesthetics in your bathroom. Whether you’re updating your bathroom or replacing an old, damaged toilet, our team of plumbers can handle the entire process.

Clogged Toilet Repair Services

One of our most frequently requested services is clogged toilet repair, which requires immediate attention to restore the functionality of your toilet. A clog in your drain or sewer line can cause a significant obstruction. Fortunately, our team of experts can quickly diagnose and resolve even the most challenging clogs. We handle all types of toilet emergencies and can quickly restore your toilet to its optimal functionality.

Leaking Toilets

A leaking toilet is another common problem that homeowners face. Although it may not seem like a significant issue, a leaky toilet can waste a lot of water, increasing your utility bill. Moreover, if left unresolved, it can result in water damage to your flooring or sub-flooring.

Our technicians offer comprehensive toilet repair services for homeowners in areas such as Wilmington, Trenton, Upper Darby, Edison, Allentown, and Haverford. Our licensed plumbers can help fix a variety of issues with your toilet including a corroded overflow pipe, damaged flush valve assembly, or a worn-out flapper valve. Our experienced staff can quickly diagnose the problem and resolve a leaking toilet. Contact our plumbers today to stop your toilet from leaking.

Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Allentown, PA

Top Causes Of Leaky Toilets

To help you detect issues in your bathroom, we have created a list of the most frequent reasons why a toilet may leak, indicating situations where you should seek assistance from a professional plumber.

  • Damaged flapper: The flapper is the rubber seal covering the hole at the base of the toilet tank, and it can become damaged or warp over time, causing a leak into the bowl.
    Loose or damaged fill valve: The fill valve regulates the water level inside the tank. If it gets loose or damaged, it causes water to leak out of the tank.
  • Misaligned pipes or valves: When your pipes or valves become loose, they can misalign and cause stress to the pipes and valves, allowing water to leak at the stress points in the valves or pipes.
  • Cracked toilet tank: A cracked toilet tank will allow water to leak onto the floor and needs to be resolved immediately.
  • Loose or damaged water supply line: The water supply line connects the toilet tank to your bathroom wall. It leaks water onto the floor if it becomes loose or damaged.
  • Corroded overflow tube: The overflow tube that keeps the tank from overflowing can corrode over time and allow water to leak out of the tank.
  • Worn-out wax seal: The wax seal between the toilet base and the floor can wear out, and water will leak onto the floor.
  • High water pressure: When your fill valve malfunctions, the water pressure in your home will rise, allowing water to leak out of the tank.

Process of Fixing a Toilet

If you need toilet repair or replacement services, you can rely on the skilled team of plumbers at Horizon to efficiently and effectively fix your plumbing problems. When you schedule a toilet repair service, our licensed plumber will:

  • Shut off the water to the toilet
  • Empty the toilet’s tank and bowl of water
  • Diagnose the problem and find the cause
  • Replace damaged parts and tighten any loose connections
  • Turn the water back on and test that the toilet works properly
  • Wipe down the toilet and clean up the surrounding area


Toilet Installation and Repair Services

Our team of skilled plumbers offer exceptional toilet installation and repair services in areas such as Abington, Baltimore, Edison, Newark, Upper Darby, Trenton, and Allentown. Our staff will respond quickly to resolve any emergency or non-emergency toilet issues. We strive to provide the highest customer service while resolving your toilet to optimal functionality.

In addition to toilet installation solutions, our technicians offer a variety of other plumbing services including drain cleaning, water heater replacement, and sewer line repair. Give our plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with a defective toilet or a different plumbing issue in your house.

If you need help with a broken toilet in your home, give our skilled plumbers a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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