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Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair Services

Navigating through your electrical system can be daunting, but when you choose to work with our team of expert electricians, you are in experienced and safe hands. We have a team of licensed electricians dedicated to providing high-quality circuit breaker installation and repair services for homes in areas of North Carolina such as Charlotte, High Point, Greensboro, Concord, Gastonia, and Huntersville. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with an electrical issue in your house.

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Signs a Circuit Is Overloaded in Your Home

Our team is committed to bringing seamless electrical performance to homes across North Carolina. Safety in electrical systems is our top priority. Our team of electricians dedicates themselves to staying up-to-date on the latest circuit breaker repair and installation standards, ensuring your home is safe from electrical hazards.

One clear indication that you have a problem is your circuit breakers frequently trip. This indicates it may be overloaded. Another common sign you might have an overloaded circuit includes burning odors or buzzing sounds around an outlet. You will want to call our team of professionals immediately if you notice these signs to reduce the chances of electrical fires.

Another indication of an overloaded circuit breaker is wall plates that change color or are warm to the touch. Unpredictable light behaviors like flickering, dimming, or buzzing, hint that your circuit breaker needs attention. Finally, if you get minor electrical shocks from outlets, switches, or appliances, your circuit breaker could be maxed out.

Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Could a Dedicated Circuit Fix Your Issues?

Is your current breaker panel struggling to meet the power needs of specific fixtures or appliances? Certain equipment can pull more power when you use it, damaging your electrical system.

This is why we offer to install dedicated circuits when we wire your home, upgrade your panel, or even perform electrical vehicle charger installation. They allow us to ensure any high-demand appliances or fixtures draw the power they need without tripping your breakers. We can customize your circuit breaker installation and repair services to fit a variety of needs including:

  • Automated security gates
  • Backup generators
  • Cooking ovens
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Essential garage equipment
  • Garbage disposal units
  • HVAC systems
  • Microwave ovens
  • Outdoor kitchen setups
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Relaxing hot tubs and spas
  • Specific lighting solutions
  • Swimming pools
  • Water heating systems

Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Is It Time to Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Think of a home’s electrical panel as its lifeline. It channels the electricity to every room, ensuring you have the power and light to enjoy your space. However, just like any component in your house, your electrical panel can get old and less efficient. To help you keep your property safe, we have created a list of a few good indicators that it’s time to work with our professionals to perform an electrical panel replacement project.

You Live in an Older House

Older homes may have a unique character and charm, but they can also come with outdated electrical panels that fail to meet modern safety standards. If you live in a several decades-old home, you will want to schedule a panel inspection. Over time, the demands you put on your electrical system evolve, and older panels may not be able to meet this demand safely.

Flickering Lights

If your lights dim or flicker, primarily when you use several appliances at once, this could indicate that you have an overloaded panel. For consistent flickering, this may be a clue that your current electrical panel isn’t strong enough to meet your home’s power needs.

Circuit Breaker Trips When You Use a Demanding Appliance

It’s common for occasional tripping to happen, especially during a power surge or storm. However, if it happens regularly, it’s a red flag that your electrical panel is struggling to meet the electricity demands of your home.

Our team of certified electricians offer reputable circuit breaker repair or installation services in Charlotte, NC and will help you upgrade your outdated electrical system. Once we are finished with updating your electrical panel, you will not need to worry about your oven or HVAC system tripping your circuit breakers in the future.

Circuit Breakers Are Continuously Tripping

It’s common for occasional tripping to happen, especially during a power surge or storm. However, if it happens regularly, it’s a red flag that your panel is having a hard time meeting your home’s electrical needs. If you are experiencing frequently tripped breakers, give our team a call.

Electric Shocks When You Touch Light Switches

This is a huge concern. If you feel a tingling sensation or a minor shock when you touch outlets or light switches, you want to call our professional electricians right away. This can indicate that you have a severe problem with your circuits or panel.

Burned Spots on the Breaker Box

Visual checks can provide you with a lot of information. If you see charred or burned spots around or on your breaker box, this is a clear sign that it’s overheating or had an electrical fire. You want to seek professional advice with emergency electrical services immediately before you have a large electrical fire.


Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair Services in Charlotte, NC and Other Areas

Horizon stands out as the trusted choice for homeowners wanting peace of mind with their electrical systems. Our experienced team of technicians ensures that we meet the electrical needs of your home with optimal professionalism, whether it’s a minor circuit breaker repair or a comprehensive circuit breaker installation project.

Our team of skilled electricians provide extensive circuit breaker replacement and maintenance services for homeowners in areas of North Carolina including Monroe, Cornelius, Burlington, Charlotte, Salisbury, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro. Our local technicians are just a call away, ensuring you receive prompt and localized service tailored to your needs.

Our electricians have a commitment to provide top-notch services that homeowners can rely on, regardless of location. Do not delay your decision, call our team local electricians in Charlotte, NC by phone at 1-800-642-4419 to receive support with damaged circuit breakers in your house.


*Electrical services not available in all areas. 

If you are having issues with your circuit breakers and electrical system, give our team of electricians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to schedule an appointment.

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