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Whole-House Humidifier Installation and Repair Services

Need a reliable partner for whole-house humidifier installation or repair? We employ qualified HVAC experts who are committed to improving indoor air quality and keeping your house comfortable all year. Whether you live in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, or Maryland, we have you covered with remarkable HVAC solutions. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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4 Signs You Need a Whole-Home Humidifier

Suppose your humidifier starts to malfunction or you are growing uncomfortable in your home. In this case, you should consider a furnace tune-up or a whole-house humidifier installation. The biggest signs that it’s time for a tune-up or humidifier include:

1. Frequent Sinus Congestion

If you have been suffering from sinus congestion, the humidity levels in your house might be to blame. When indoor air lacks moisture, it can cause painful sinus troubles, leaving you feeling clogged and itchy. This is one of the most obvious symptoms that a whole-home humidifier is needed.

You can restore the proper moisture levels in your living environment by installing a whole-home humidifier, which will help relieve nasal congestion and enhance your general well-being. With the help of a whole-house humidifier installation, you can say goodbye to those unpleasant sinus issues and breathe easier once again.

2. Allergy Symptoms

If you have been dealing with chronic or severe allergy problems, it might be due to low humidity levels causing poor indoor air quality. Low humidity may trigger allergies, causing sneezing, itchy eyes, or a runny nose.

Dry air may also increase the impact of dust mites and other allergies in your living area. A whole-home humidifier may be a game changer in addressing these difficulties while offering relief from allergy symptoms.

Our professionals provide exceptional whole-house humidifier installation services for homeowners in areas such as Allentown, Trenton, Baltimore, Levittown, Silver Spring, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Our technicians will help you maintain ideal humidity levels in your house, making it easier to breathe and enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere.

3. Static Electricity

Frequent static electricity shocks can be both irritating and a sign of extremely dry indoor air. When the air in your house lacks moisture, static electricity can build up, causing unpleasant shocks when you make contact with metal objects or even loved ones. This issue is especially problematic in winter when the heating system tends to dry up the air.

You can add the right amount of moisture into your living space by requesting a whole-house humidifier installation, minimizing static electricity, and providing a more comfortable, shock-free atmosphere for everyone.

4. Issues with Wood Flooring or Furniture

Arid indoor air may be blamed for problems with your wood flooring or furniture, such as warping, cracking, or splitting. Wood is susceptible to humidity swings, and these issues may occur when the air lacks moisture. Maintaining humidity levels is critical for the strength and lifespan of your wood surfaces.

Investing in a whole-house humidifier can help stabilize humidity levels, preventing these issues and keeping the beauty and structural integrity of your wood floors and furnishings. With the correct humidity management, you can safeguard your essential assets while enjoying a more comfortable and visually beautiful home.

Baltimore, MD Whole-House Humidifier Installation Services

How Does a Whole-House Humidifier Work?

A whole-house humidifier connects directly to the HVAC system in your home and pumps moistened air into each room. There are several models available. A flow-through model uses freshwater that goes through the system before draining, and a reservoir humidifier pulls water from a reservoir into a rotating drum.

A steam-based system heats water to create steam that it injects into your furnace’s airflow. The flow-through model is the most popular option because it’s more hygienic, reliable, and requires less maintenance to stay running.

The professionals at our heating repair company will mount this humidifier on the cold-air return duct and connect it to the hot air supply of your furnace using the humidifier supply duct.

This duct will then divert some heated air through your humidifier, absorb the moisture using an evaporator pad, and push the warm air back into the furnace and cold-air return duct. You can also mount this setup directly to the hot air supply duct of the furnace if you don’t have a takeoff duct.

Our staff offers dependable whole-house humidifier repair or installation services for households in Baltimore, MD and will help you combat dry air throughout the winter months. Book an appointment online with our professionals to receive assistance choosing the correct type of humidifier for your HVAC system.

Furnace Humidifier Parts and Components

There will be a few slight variations for the humidifier components, but there are also components that go across all models. These parts and features include:

Parts and Components

  • Blowing Air – Encourages water evaporation
  • Humidistat – Controls how much humidity is in the air
  • Water Collection Medium – You can usually find this as an evaporator pad
  • Water Float or Control Valve – Controls the flow of water
  • Water – Water will increase the humidity as it gets turned into steam and evaporates

How the Parts Work Together

Most flow-through-style humidifier systems have parts that work the same way, and they include:

  • Air Duct or Dampener – Some humidifiers have an air duct on the hot-air side. Its purpose is to send air to the cold-air return-mounted humidifier. If you have central air, you will need a damper
  • Drain Pan – Water goes through the unit’s evaporator pad and ends up in the drain pan before entering the household drain
  • Evaporator Pad – The pad holds the water briefly as it evaporates to create humidity
  • Water Feed Tube – This tube distributes water into the humidifier’s distribution trough under the cover and then pushes it to the evaporator pad
  • Water Inlet Orifice – This part reduces water flow to the inlet valve in the humidifier
  • Water Inlet Valve – This valve controls water flow into the humidifier based on demand. It usually features an electrical operation by a solenoid, which the humidistat controls
  • Water Supply Line or Tap – A professional will tap a water supply line for your humidifier into your existing water pipe

Whole-House Humidifier Installation Services in Delaware

Whole-Home Humidifier Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

Horizon is your trusted partner for all your whole-home humidifier needs. Our dedicated professionals specialize in installation, replacement, and repair services, ensuring that homeowners in various locations, including Allentown, Trenton, Baltimore, Wilmington, Bethlehem, Upper Darby, and Edison, can enjoy optimal indoor comfort and air quality.

We understand the importance of maintaining your home’s humidity levels and are committed to providing reliable solutions that stand the test of time. Additionally, we offer a wide range of HVAC services in Baltimore, MD, including furnace replacement, to keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.

Whether you need a new humidifier installation, repair, or other HVAC services, you can trust the professionals Horizon to deliver top-notch solutions that enhance your living environment. Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to serving you with professionalism and expertise. Give our technicians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to schedule an appointment.

To receive assistance installing a whole-house humidifier system, give our team of HVAC technicians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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