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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation and Repair Services

In today’s digital age, protecting the appliances and electronics in your home from unexpected power surges is critical. The team at Horizon understands why this security is essential, and this is why our staff of expert electricians offers top-tier whole-house surge protector installation and repair services in your local area. Give our team a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance installing a whole-house surge protection system.

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With a team of experienced and skilled electricians, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your electronics are safe and your home’s overall electrical health. Proudly serving communities across North Carolina, our experts are readily available in areas including Charlotte, High Point, Concord, Gastonia, Monroe, and Burlington. Trust our team to safeguard your home against unpredictable electrical surges.

Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protectors

Today, nearly every household gadget needs electricity to work, and it’s hard to overstate how vital whole-house surge protectors are. These devices are essential for guarding your appliances and home against unpredictable power inconsistencies. A few of the most significant benefits that come with installing them include the following:

Reduce Damage to Electronics

Whether you have the latest 4K TV or gaming console or essential home appliances like washing machines or refrigerators, they are all vulnerable to the adverse effects power surges bring. A power surge can shorten the lifespan of your gadgets or fry their electrical components so they are useless. You are shielding your devices from spikes by installing a whole-house surge protector.

Stay Protected from Lightning

Many power surges come from internal sources, like switching on a large appliance or natural events like lightning strikes. If you have a single lighting strike near your home, it can cause a catastrophic electrical surge, potentially damaging every device you have plugged in at the time. Whole house surge protectors act as a frontline defense because they absorb and redirect the excessive energy away from the electrical system.

Spend Less on Your Electric Bill

Surge protectors can subtly manage the overall power usage in your house. By ensuring there is a steady flow of electricity and preventing minor surges, they can make your electronics and appliances run more efficiently. This efficiency often leads to reduced power usage, lowering your monthly electric bills and helping put a little cash back in your pocket.

Minimize the Risk of a Fire

Electrical surges, especially if they keep happening, are a fire hazard. The sudden energy influx can overheat the electrical wiring and other components in your house. It can also cause premature wear, resulting in electrical shorts, wire damage, or electrical issues. Our team of licensed technicians offer extensive whole-house surge protector installation services for homeowners in Greensboro, NC and are committed to helping you prevent damage to appliances from electrical surges.

Peace of Mind

Along with the tangible benefits, you get an invaluable and intangible advantage for choosing whole-house surge protector installation, and this is peace of mind. Knowing that your home has protection against unexpected electrical events lets you rest easy and stay confident in the knowledge that your cherished memories, devices, and investments have protection and will survive both internal and external surges.

Whole-House Surge Protector Installation and Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Why Do Power Surges Occur?

Power surges are a widespread electrical phenomenon that comes from various sources, including internal and external. They can happen outside of your home during power grid switching or if the utility lines have overvoltages.

Internally, they can occur when you switch larger appliances on or off. Big power surges can come from a lighting strike or a downed power line. Even though they are much less common than the smaller surges that can happen every day, they leave significant damage behind.

Over time, small and frequent power surges can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your electrical system or your electronics. Eventually, this can make them fail sooner rather than later. Some overvoltages, or fast electrical transients, are over very quickly but are incredibly damaging. They include:

  • Lighting
  • Power outages
  • Short circuits
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Inductive spikes
  • Electromagnetic pulses
  • The power provider caused malfunctions
  • Large equipment power transitions

Most Power Surges Are Internal

Many homeowners worry about external power surges, like those from utility grid charges or a lightning strike, so it may be surprising to learn that most power surges are internal.

These surges come from inside the home, usually caused by large systems cycling on and off, like your air conditioner or refrigerator. When these devices switch on, they pull a significant amount of electricity, and when they go off, they send the excess energy back through your system to cause a surge.

Over time, these internal, recurrent fluctuations can wear out your electronics or damage them, and this emphasizes the importance of having whole-house surge protectors. Luckily, our team of certified electricians offer reputable whole-home surge protector installation services in Charlotte, NC and will work with you to prevent internal power surges in your house.

Importance of Layering

When you talk about electrical systems, layering has multiple levels of surge protection or backup systems for your home and gadgets. For instance, a business can have a primary power source, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and a backup generator for critical systems. This layering helps ensure that if one system fails, the next one will kick in to guarantee you have a continuous power supply.

You see this design a lot in hospitals, and they usually have a generator backup service, so if the main power fails, the backup will click on within seconds. You can apply this to your home, and it’s especially important if you have someone who relies on medical equipment.


Whole-Home Surge Protector Installation Services in Charlotte, NC, and Other Areas

We recognize the value of safeguarding your home and electronic devices from unpredictable power surges. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to offering whole-house surge protector installation and repair services, ensuring your home has protection against potential electrical disruptions.

Our team of professional electricians are proud to serve communities across North Carolina, extending our expert services to areas including Monroe, Salisbury, High Point, Mooresville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Kannapolis. With the staff at Horizon by your side, you can be confident in a strong defense against electrical surges tailored to the specific needs of your home. Give us a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment and receive assistance installing a whole-house surge protector on your property.

*Electrical services not available in all areas. 

If you need assistance with an electrical issue in your house, give our team of skilled electricians a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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