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Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up and Maintenance Services

When the temperature is high in the summer, there is no greater thrill than being able to head indoors for some comfortable, cool air. A malfunctioning air conditioning system is the last issue you want to deal with on a hot day. Our experienced technicians offer top-notch air conditioner (AC) tune-up and routine maintenance services for homes in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland. If you need assistance performing maintenance on your system, give us a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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Your air conditioning (AC) system is much more than a box that sits outside your home, and your central air conditioner usually has both indoor and outdoor units with several internal components. Just like a car, it operates more reliably and efficiently when you have regular maintenance.

This is why AC maintenance, or tune-ups, are a central part of your home maintenance schedule. We aim to ensure your system runs at peak performance so you can stay cool and comfortable during the summer season.

Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional for an Air Conditioner Tune-up

We suggest scheduling one tune-up for your cooling system yearly to keep the parts in your air conditioner running smoothly. This maintenance service is commonly called a “clean and check” and should be performed by a trained professional in the spring before the hot temperatures begin.

Although if you live in a warmer climate or find yourself using your air conditioning system extensively, we recommend you schedule two annual air conditioner (AC) tune-ups, one in the spring and one in the fall. This will ensure you get peak performance out of your system as long as you use it.

  • If you haven’t scheduled AC maintenance in a few years, you may notice signs that it’s time to call in your local experts, including:
    AC runs constantly or switches on and off frequently
  • Airflow is less than normal from the cooling vents
  • Humidity levels inside your house are higher than normal
  • Increased energy costs
  • Indoor temperatures are higher, and the unit can’t keep up

These subtle signals tell you it’s time to schedule your air conditioning services for the season and get ready to beat the heat with your AC.

Air Conditioner (AC) Tune-Up Services in Allentown, PA

What Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Include?

A typical air conditioning maintenance or cleaning appointment will take roughly an hour or so, depending on how long it’s been since your last maintenance check. However, if one of our technicians finds an issue they must address, it can take longer. This is especially true if we have to order a replacement part that we don’t have in the truck.

Our team of professionals offer comprehensive air conditioner (AC) tune-up and maintenance services for homeowners in areas such as Wilmington, Upper Darby, Trenton, Baltimore, Raleigh, Mount Laurel, and Allentown. Our staff will evaluate the performance of your system by cycling through various operational modes.

Our technicians will conduct an inspection to determine whether you need repairs and the condition of the unit. Next, we will shut off the electricity and perform maintenance and cleaning tasks.

During an air conditioning maintenance appointment, the team at Horizon will perform the following tasks:

  • Adjust the blower components
  • Check for blockages in the indoor evaporator coils and apply self-rinsing cleaners
  • Check that each part has secure physical connections
  • Check the air filter, replace it, or clean it if necessary
  • Check the airflow and refrigerant levels for leaks
  • Clean and inspect the condensate drainage system
  • Clean and inspect the outdoor condenser coils
  • Ensure every electrical connection is sound with working components
  • Look for unusual markings, color, or bulging around the run capacitor

At the end of the appointment, you can get a summary of the tests and inspection results from our team, along with our recommendations. In some cases, we may be able to complete any needed air conditioning repairs on the spot.

4 Causes of Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leaks

Freon or refrigerant is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. So, if your system has a refrigerant leak, it can cause your air conditioner to struggle to keep up with the high temperatures and humidity levels. There are several causes of refrigerant leaks.

1. Wear and Tear of the System

Due to the age of the system, wear and tear can cause refrigerant leaks because the connections and joints erode and weaken. In addition, the access fittings or rubber seals around the service valves can wear out and cause leaks. General wear and tear can quickly advance if you neglect or put off your AC tune-up and repairs.

2. Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks are tiny holes in the AC coils. You will see them in older units as general degradation takes hold, and the leading causes are VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air and certain acids.

Paints, glues, and some air fresheners have VOCs, making it easy for them to enter your indoor unit. These things can eventually corrode or eat away at the copper tubing, causing refrigerant leaks. Luckily, our team offers reputable air conditioning (AC) maintenance services for families in Allentown, PA and have the tools necessary to fix leaks in your system.

3. Vibrations

The compressor motor is outside, and it’s essential for your AC. However, severe vibrations can weaken the refrigerant lines if the outdoor unit doesn’t have the correct seal. Also, if the refrigerant lines didn’t get the proper installation the first time, a mild vibration can wear holes in the copper coils and cause a refrigerant leak.

4. Physical Damage

Physical damage to your unit caused by animals, children, or yard equipment can make it leak. Also, lawnmowers can easily project the cuttings toward your AC, and they can build up. In addition, animals or kids can accidentally throw something or hit the system while they play, and this causes physical damage.

We Get it Done Right – Or Your Money Back!

When you schedule air conditioning tune-up services with our highly-trained team, you can trust that we’ll arrive on time and on schedule, ready to get right to work. We even offer a money-back guarantee on our AC tune-ups—if your air conditioning system stops working for any reason after our cooling maintenance services, we’ll credit the cost of the tune-up towards repairs or refund your money, no questions asked!


Air Conditioner (AC) Maintenance and Tune-Up Services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and New Jersey

If it’s time for your annual or bi-annual AC maintenance visit, call our team by phone at 1-800-642-4419 to schedule an appointment. We offer exceptional air conditioning services in Allentown, PA and have the skills required to keep your house cool throughout the warm months of the summer.

You can also use our online booking system to schedule your appointment in 30 seconds. Our professionals provide innovative AC maintenance and cleaning services for houses in areas such as Edison, Wilmington, Newark, Haverford, Baltimore, and Abington. Trust the professionals at Horizon and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a well-maintained AC unit this summer.


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