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5 Reasons Your Bathroom Sink is Leaking

5 Reasons Your Bathroom Sink is Leaking

The last thing you want to discover is a puddle of water on the floor of your bathroom. A leaking bathroom sink is concerning for homeowners because it can go unnoticed for a long time and indicate plumbing issues elsewhere in your plumbing system. To help you find the cause of the issue, we have created an outline of common reasons for water leaks and ways to respond.

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Why Is Your Bathroom Sink Leaking?

One reason a bathroom sink leak is so concerning is that, unlike other plumbing leaks, the water usually only escapes when the sink is in use. A bathroom sink leaking underneath a vanity may go undetected for weeks or months, allowing the water to soak into the base and flooring below it and cause rot, mold, and other problems.

Staying alert to leaks can help prevent this, but you also need to know why a sink leaks and where the problem can occur. Knowing where to look for trouble can help you stop it before it starts and make effective repairs.

The following are the most frequent causes of bathroom sink leaking:

1. Shut-Off Valves

The bathroom sink connects to the main water pipe with flexible braided metal tubes. You can control or shut off the water flow to the sink through an oval-shaped handle that opens and closes the valves in the line. If any part of this assembly wears out, rusts, or sustains damage, it could leak.

2. Water Hose

The water hose that supplies the sink can also deteriorate, or the connections can loosen and allow water to escape. Sometimes, you only need to tighten the connections to fix the problem, but if that doesn’t solve the bathroom sink leaking, the issue could be a worn-out gasket or damage to the hose that requires replacement.

3. Drain

The bathroom sink drain connects to the P-trap underneath the basin and the main drain line. Leakage from the drain is the most challenging to fix and often requires replacing one or more components.

4. Drain Flange

The drain flange seals the connection between the tailpiece and the sink drain, ensuring it’s watertight. If the flange wears out, it can contribute to the bathroom sink drain leaking, and it needs replacing.

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5. P-Trap

The P-trap is the curved pipe underneath the sink. It helps prevent sewer gas from backing up into your home. The most common reason that a P-trap starts to leak is a loose slip nut. Usually, tightening that part will solve the problem.

5 Reasons Your Bathroom Sink Is Leaking

How to Fix a Bathroom Sink Leak

If you are not sure how to deal with the bathroom sink leaking, call a professional for bathroom sink repair or replacement. It’s easy to do more damage and make the problem worse if you don’t know what you are doing.

Although many repairs for leaky sinks are pretty simple. Take a look at a few quick fixes for bathroom leaks below:

Damaged O-Rings

Damaged or worn O-rings often cause leaks near a faucet handle. Replacing the ring requires removing the faucet handle and stem, removing the old O-ring, and putting on a new one before reassembling the faucet.

Worn Out Cartridge

If you have a cartridge-style bathroom sink, a worn-out cartridge can cause a leak. To replace it, remove the faucet handle, retaining nut, and the old cartridge, and then install the new cartridge. Reassemble the faucet and confirm it no longer leaks.

Drain Pipe Leaks

A drain pipe leak may happen due to a loose connection, a crack, or a hole in the plumbing. Securing the connections or replacing the damaged pipe should stop the bathroom sink from leaking.

Sink Basin Leaks

A compromised seal around the drain is the most common reason for a sink basin leak. Repairing it means replacing the drain flange and the putty holding it in place. If the basin has a crack or other damage that allows water to leak out, you must replace the entire sink.

Ways To Prevent Bathroom Sink Leaks

Since bathroom sink leaks have the potential to cause so much damage, not to mention inconvenience, we recommend taking steps to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Continuous Professional Inspections

In addition to keeping an eye on the bathroom sink to spot leaks and other signs of trouble, like mineral deposits or rust, you should schedule a professional plumbing inspection at least once a year. Having a plumber check the entire system can help prevent a host of plumbing issues and stop minor problems from becoming major headaches.

Replace Worn Out Parts

Whether you notice deterioration on your own or your local plumber points out an issue, promptly replacing worn-out parts like faucet cartridges and O-rings can stop a bathroom sink leak.

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Stop Over-Tightening

Applying too much pressure and over-tightening connections can damage plumbing components, causing a leak. Use moderate pressure to avoid cracking or breaking parts and damaging seals.

Buy High-Quality Parts

When replacing parts for the bathroom sink, install the best quality you can. High-quality, well-made parts last longer and have fewer issues over time.


Bathroom Sink Repair and Replacement Services

Whether you have a minor drip or a plumbing emergency, our team of professionals are here to help with 24/7 plumbing services. Call our staff by phone at 1-800-642-4419 to reach our experienced plumbers and take care of issues like a bathroom sink leaking.

Our technicians offer same-day and emergency services, so you never need to worry about a pesky leak getting worse and damaging your home. We will make sure every aspect of your plumbing system is in good shape and give you tips and recommendations to prevent further issues. If the problem is bigger than you expect and you need more in-depth work, like trenchless drain repair, we can help with that, too.

Don’t let a little leak under the bathroom sink become a big problem. Call our staff, and let us take care of it. Our team of certified plumbers in Pottstown, PA have extensive experience with these issues. We can help you determine why your sink is leaking and what to do about it to stop water damage, prevent health risks, and avoid expensive repairs.


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