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6 Must-Know Appliance-Buying Tips

When buying household appliances there are several factors you ought to consider. They include energy efficiency, warranty and the manufacturer’s customer service. By taking these factors into account you should find appliances which not only will give you good service over a longer period of time, but will also prove cheaper to run. Read the tips below for more information.

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Water usage and water heating capabilities are the main considerations when choosing a dishwasher. Purchase a model which uses the minimum amount of water possible and one which produces water temperatures capable of sanitizing dishes.


Aside from deciding whether you want a gas or electric oven, its cleaning features might also be an attraction. Unless you would prefer an oven which you want to clean yourself, there are self-cleaning and continuous cleaning options available.


An essential item in any household, the refrigerator needs to be big enough for the family. Eight to ten cubic feet is generally big enough for parents and two children. For each additional family member add a cubic foot. For increased energy efficiency, choose a model with a freezer which sits at the top of the unit. Never forget to measure the allowable space you have to install the new refrigerator before you buy. Older homes tend to have less space to accommodate the newer larger units.

Garbage Disposals

It is worth doing your research before buying a garbage disposal. Checking manufacturers’ guides online will assist. The type of garbage disposal you choose should also depend on the use that will be made of it, such as the number of meals – and the resultant waste – produced in your household each week.

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Washing Machines/Dryers

Your decision on the type of washing machine/dryer to buy may well depend on the power outlet in your washroom area. Dryers are either gas or electric powered. Obviously you will need a gas outlet, such as a gas pipe sticking from the wall if you are to use a gas powered dryer. Another advantage of drying laundry using gas is that it works out to be roughly 40% cheaper than using an electric dryer. For increased energy efficiency choose a front loading washing machine as they are about a third more energy efficient than top loaders. In order to use less water, choose washers with larger capacities, water level control and adjustable spin cycles.

HVAC Systems

A HVAC system is a major purchase for the simple reason that your home requires both heating and air conditioning. There is no sense in selecting a system with a bigger heating capacity than your property actually needs. Also, you will want to keep those energy bills to a minimum. With energy efficiency being all important nowadays, check the system’s EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) on the yellow energy tag before parting with your hard earned dollars. The EER numbers run from 8 to 12, with 12 being the most energy efficient.

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