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Top 5 Deck Lighting Designs and Styles

Top 5 Deck Lighting Designs and Styles

If your home has an outdoor deck, it is likely one of your most popular entertainment spaces. Outdoor decks offer the perfect space for barbecues, holiday celebrations, and gatherings with family and friends. However, when night time comes, there is no reason you should have to stop taking advantage of your outdoor living space. Installing outdoor deck lighting can transform your space into a daytime and nighttime entertainment area.

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We will be discussing the five most popular deck lighting styles: post cap, side mount, under-rail, step, and landscape.

Popular Types of Lights for Outdoor Decks

Every deck has different uses and needs. Your deck might be more suitable for small groups or it could be ideal for a massive backyard gathering. Carefully considering the most popular deck lighting styles ensures you highlight your outdoor space’s best features while maximizing functionality.

Any one of these popular deck lighting styles could be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. A certified electrician can inspect your deck to help you determine the best fit.

Top 5 Deck Lighting Designs and Styles

1. Post Cap Lights

Depending on the design of your deck, you may have a perimeter fence. For outdoor spaces with these features, post cap lights offer an excellent option for deck lighting.

These lights for deck railings add a protective element to this structural component of your deck while creating an eye-catching aesthetic throughout the day and night. You can also invest in post cap solar lighting to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Explore this low-voltage lighting option to provide subtle illumination to your deck.

2. Side Mount Lights

Side mount lights improve the look of your deck, whether it’s day or night. These freestanding mounted lighting features attach to your deck fence or perimeter. With so many styles to choose from, these lights can complement the look of any deck.

Another positive feature offered by these types of lights is the way they light your deck. By providing more isolated lighting, you can highlight certain parts of your deck more than others. You can also space out lights for balanced illumination.

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3. Under-Rail Lights

Under-rail lights offer a more discreet way of lighting up your deck. Deck lighting installation professionals integrate these features into the structure of your railing. As a result, the look of your deck won’t change at all with under-rail lighting.

There are many different styles of under-rail lighting. While some build into the complete perimeter of the deck fence, installation professionals can place smaller lights at equal intervals to isolate lighting. Consider this deck lighting for a more modern, sleek look to your deck.

Top 5 Deck Lighting Designs and Styles

4. Step Lights

Stair and step lights are excellent additions to improve the look and safety of your deck. With countless styles available for these outdoor deck lights, everyone can find what they are looking for with stair and step lighting. They are also an excellent way to ensure no one trips on your deck at night, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Top 5 Deck Lighting Designs and Styles

5. Landscape Lights

Another way to illuminate your outdoor living space is by adding lighting to the surrounding areas. Rather than integrating lighting into your actual deck, you could add landscape lights to highlight its prominence.

Installing landscape lights offers maximum flexibility when choosing lighting styles and fixtures. With isolated and expansive options, landscaping lighting features let you decide how best to showcase your backyard.

Benefits of Investing in Deck Lighting

Investing in deck lighting provides comprehensive benefits beyond improving the look of your outdoor living space. From improving safety to increasing the usability of your backyard, investing in deck lighting could be the perfect choice for your property.

Improved Safety

When it gets dark out, your raised deck could pose a safety hazard for friends and family. Adding deck lighting ensures everyone can see where they are walking on your deck and throughout your outdoor space. Step lights could be an essential addition to decks with many stairs to prevent people from tripping.

Increased Aesthetics

Your deck may be one of the most beautiful features of your backyard during the day. However, as night falls, you won’t be able to enjoy the structure and aesthetic this feature adds to your yard.

Adding lights to your deck keeps this structure a focal point of your yard during the day and night. Not only do many lighting styles accent your deck, but well-placed lighting can create an enchanting look after the sun goes down.

Additional Outdoor Functions

The functionality of your backyard depends on how frequently you plan on using it. If you can only enjoy your deck during the day, you are missing out on half its usability.

Integrate deck lighting to increase your outdoor space’s functionality. Your nighttime deck space could be perfect for a safe bonfire, dinner party, or evening barbecue.

Yearly Comfort

Finally, lighting your outdoor deck can improve your comfort. Splendidly lit decks can play host to celebrations at any time of day and any season of the year. Improving your deck’s usability makes you feel more at home, contributing to your overall well-being.


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