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How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink

How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink

One of the most inconvenient things that could happen while you're doing dishes is realizing your sink is taking its sweet time to drain. Not only are you stuck reaching your hand into a basin of food scrap-filled, dirty water, but you also become aware that a clog has likely formed in your drain. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to remedy this issue and clear your drain entirely.

Remove the Pop-Up

If your sink has a pop-up that allows you to start or stop the flow of water, remove it from the drain in an attempt to remove the clock. Hair, soap scum, and other debris can often cling on the underside of the pop-up so removing that debris should improve your sink’s draining ability.

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Snake It

Head to your local hardware store and pick up a plastic zip tool. Snake the tool down the sink drain so it can catch and pull out the clog that is causing the pipe to drain slowly. The best part of these tools — besides the fact that they’re pretty inexpensive — is that they’re effective on a sink with or without a pop-up.

Use a Plunger

You can use a plunger to suck the clog out of your sink drain. Make sure you get a good seal around the drain so you have the best chance of removing the clog.

Use a Drain Cleaner

Now, when we say this, we mean a natural drain cleaner — chemical ones can do even more harm. Pour baking soda down the drain, followed by white vinegar. Let the mixture bubble up and sit for a short while, then pour boiling water down the drain to clear the clog.

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