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It’s advisable to hire professionals for sewer and water line repairs or replacement. These plumbing systems are crucially interconnected to a complex network of pipes beneath your home, which makes them challenging to access and repair or replace. If you suspect an issue with your primary sewer or water line, promptly schedule an inspection with Horizon Plumbing by Schwartz Plumbing Co. Our proficient technicians can swiftly pinpoint the problem’s source and make safe, long-lasting repairs, or even replace the entire system, utilizing innovative techniques like trenchless sewer or water line services, without causing damage to your home or yard.

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Sewer & Water Line Services

Distinguishing between minor plumbing problems and severe water or sewer line issues can be challenging at times. Nevertheless, if you have detected any uncommon and unpleasant odors, sewage backups, or stagnant water in your yard, there’s a chance that you’re encountering a critical problem. At Horizon Services, we provide a comprehensive variety of sewer and water line services to tackle any issue you may be confronting.

Our sewer and water line services include:

  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Replacement
  • Clog removal
  • Cleaning
  • And more!

We acknowledge that sewer and water line issues can be highly unpleasant and distressing, which is why we aim to ease your service experience by providing non-invasive trenchless techniques, transparent pricing upfront, and numerous financing alternatives.

Cutting-Edge Technology You Can Trust

In the past, sewer and water line inspections, repairs, or replacements typically involved guesswork, with many plumbing companies still digging up homeowners’ yards to blindly locate sewer issues. But not at Horizon Services! We take pride in utilizing cutting-edge equipment and advanced tools, like intra-line cameras, for non-invasive sewer inspections and services. This helps to minimize damage to your property, such as your landscaping, driveway, and sidewalk while providing a more accurate inspection that eliminates the guesswork.

At Horizon Services, we recognize that sewer and water line services require a significant investment, and you want top-quality work that will endure. Therefore, we back all our work with some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, offering up to 12 years on parts and labor. Following a sewer or water line inspection, we will provide you with a written upfront pricing estimate and our honest recommendations, so you know precisely what to expect. Our technicians receive extensive training, with mandatory 150 technical training hours per year, to ensure you receive exceptional service on every occasion.

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