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Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Services

The comfort levels you enjoy in your home largely depend on three things: your air conditioning unitheating system, and plumbing. If something goes wrong with any one of these central systems, then you can say goodbye to relaxing lazy days around the house. Instead, you’ll be constantly fighting headaches caused by plumbing failures and undesired room temperatures.

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To make certain all your home’s HVAC system and plumbing are running as well as can be, turn to the professionals from Horizon Services of Smyrna. With our upfront estimates in writing, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and industry-leading warranties on workmanship and parts, we are sure to become your new favorite, if we aren’t already!

Dependable, Fairly-Priced AC & Heating Services

Beat the heat in the summer with an air conditioning unit kept fully functional thanks to our technicians. Stay out of the cold in the winter thanks to routine work and repairs performed on your heating system, be it a furnace, heat pump, or heater. The bottom line is you should be in control of your climate control system, and if you aren’t, we have the services to correct the situation.

Let our Smyrna HVAC professionals assist with the following and more:

You can also count on us for 24/7 emergency AC and heating repairs, for when it just can’t wait! For example, if we’re in the middle of a triple-digit heatwave and your air conditioning is on the fritz, give us a call at 1-800-642-4419 as soon as you can.

Our Plumbers are Here to Save the Day

A serious plumbing issue is sure to ruin your chances of relaxing in your home. From burst pipes and backed up sewer lines to water heater malfunctions, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong in your home’s plumbing system. Be proactive with getting them all fixed by turning to the one team that can handle all plumbing projects: Horizon Services!

A few of our most popular plumbing services include:

Our remarkable team of Smyrna plumbers and HVAC experts are standing by to assist you! Please call 1-800-642-4419 today.