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Reliable Plumbers, Air Conditioning, and HVAC Repair Services for Homeowners in Annapolis, MD

We are Horizon, a trusted name in the industry that offers dependable plumbing, air conditioning, and HVAC services for families in Annapolis, MD, tailored for homeowners. Our expert plumbers and technicians have a wealth of experience spanning three decades in the industry. We are ready with various services to restore safety in your house. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment.

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Whether you need assistance installing systems, professional tune-ups, or emergency repairs, we have got you covered. Our reputation for reliability and expertise speaks for itself. We are dedicated to keeping your home comfortable and fully functional throughout the year with our heating, air conditioning, and HVAC repair services in the local Annapolis, MD area.

Plumbing Services

Horizon is a leading provider of comprehensive plumbing services for homeowners in Annapolis, MD. Our licensed plumbers are experts in discovering and fixing a wide range of issues, from leaky faucets to damaged pipes within the home, often providing solutions on the same visit.

These services come with industry-leading warranties, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction without any hidden surprises. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our team of emergency plumbers are committed to perfection.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Services

Our professionals in Annapolis, MD provide exceptional water heater repair and water heater replacement services for local residents. Our licensed plumbers are proficient at addressing a variety of issues that may indicate the need for water heater repairs.

These include situations where a home only has lukewarm or cold water, a water heater over a decade old, or visible signs of rust or deterioration on the tank. Other indicators could be discolored water from faucets, leaks in the water heater tank, sediment buildup, or a lack of proper maintenance on the water heater.


Water Line Repair and Installation Services

For homeowners, our professionals offer expert water line repair and water line installation services. In the past, replacing damaged or broken pipes was a complex task. Luckily, our skilled plumbers in Annapolis, MD leverage state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to deliver effective solutions for issues like cracked pipes and clogged drains.

Our trenchless water and sewer line repair methods are non-invasive, ensuring your driveway and yard remain undisturbed during the repair process. Whether it’s an unexpected leak in your sewer line or routine maintenance, we are ready to provide immediate, high-quality service.

Repiping Services

Our staff provides comprehensive whole-house repiping services for homes in Annapolis, MD. Installing new water and sewer pipes can be a complex project. We start by inspecting the existing pipes and formulating a plan for the new installation. Our technicians will then consult with you to discuss your repiping options and suggest a cost-effective solution that suits your needs, including various material options.

Our certified plumbers will also communicate the expected duration and complexity of the project, which can range from two days to a week, depending on the intricacy of your piping system. During this period, they will clarify whether you will have access to water. Once all necessary permits are obtained and the worksite is prepared, our technicians will install and connect the new piping to the existing plumbing system.

This often involves making small holes in your walls to remove old pipes and thread in new ones. After the installation process is complete, the technician will perform pressure tests to ensure optimal water pressure and efficiency. Finally, our team will restore your home and the worksite to its original state.

Drain Cleaning and Emergency Plumbers in Annapolis, MD

Drain Clearing Services

We offer top-notch drain-clearing services for homeowners in Annapolis, MD. We deal with all sorts of clogged drains that can disrupt your daily activities and cause inconvenience. No job is too big or small for us, from sinks and showers to tubs and toilets.

More than just addressing the immediate problem, we also recognize that frequent or repeated clogs could signal a more significant issue, such as a blockage in the main sewer line. We will diagnose and fix these drain repair issues promptly, ensuring your plumbing system functions optimally.

Sump Pump Installation and Repair Services

Our friendly plumbers offer expert sump pump repair and installation services for houses in Annapolis, MD. The sump pump is an all-important component of your home, especially for those with basements. Its vital role is to avert basement flooding and water damage by eliminating excess water from the lowest points of your property.

This becomes particularly important during the rainy season when the risk of flooding is higher. We understand the importance of having a fully operational sump pump all year round to safeguard your home from potential flooding. We aim to provide top-notch solutions to ensure your home remains dry and protected.

Air Conditioning Services

We also provide expert air conditioning repair and air conditioning installation services to ensure your house stays cool throughout the summer months. Recognizing that air conditioning becomes crucial when temperatures rise, we offer year-round tune-up services to ensure your system is primed for heavy use during the summer months.

Our professionals are ready to provide guidance and deliver top-notch installation services. We will keep your home cool and comfortable, no matter how high the temperature climbs.

Heating and HVAC Services in Annapolis, MD

Heating Services

We also offer exceptional heating and HVAC services for homes in Annapolis, MD, ensuring that no homeowner has to endure a Maryland winter without a functional heater. We are ready to provide 24/7 emergency heating repair support from a fleet of fully-stocked trucks, ensuring prompt and efficient service. We offer heating services without charging extra for emergency calls.

We stand by our commitment to transparency and provide upfront pricing for all services, so you know precisely what to expect. We are dedicated to earning your trust through excellent service and professional conduct, making our team a reliable partner for all your heating needs.

Furnace Replacement and Repair Services

Our technicians offer top-tier furnace installation and furnace repair services for homes in your neighborhood. We can handle all your furnace needs, from routine maintenance to complete replacement.

Our experts specialize in the installation of single-stage, two-stage, and variable-speed furnaces, offering a range of options to suit different home requirements. Understanding that the right furnace size is critical for efficient heating, our professionals are adept at assessing your specific needs to recommend the most appropriate size.

We Are Dedicated to Serving Customers in Annapolis, MD

We are your leading provider of comprehensive plumbing, air conditioning, and HVAC repair services for homes in Annapolis, MD. Our professionals will help resolve your issues to ensure you can get back to your normal life and enjoy attractions in the local area.

Local attractions including Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis Historic District, and U.S. Naval Academy makes the local Annapolis area a great place to live. This is why we love providing families and customers with a complete selection of heating and air conditioning services.

Whether you’re new to the area or a repeat customer, you can count on Horizon for fast service, honest pricing, and reliable repairs. Whether summer’s peak or winter’s frigidness, Horizon ensures your home is running efficiently. Partner with us today by calling us at 1-800-642-4419 or schedule an online emergency services appointment.

Call us at 1-800-642-4419 to receive assistance with an emergency plumbing or HVAC issue in your home.

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