Emergency Plumbers, Air Conditioning, and HVAC Repair Services in Trenton, NJ

Do you need a licensed HVAC technician or plumber in Trenton, NJ? Look no further than our team of professionals. We offer same-day service, next-day installation, and on-time arrival to take the stress out of the repair and replacement process. Give our team a call to receive assistance with a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning issue in your house.

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Plumbing Services

Do you have cracked drain pipes or a malfunctioning sump pump? Schedule a reliable plumbing repair or installation with our team of plumbers in Trenton, NJ. If a plumbing emergency occurs in the middle of the night, don’t sweat it. We have you covered with year-round, 24/7 emergency plumbing services at no extra cost. We will be there whenever you need us.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Services

Do you want to maximize the lifecycle of your water heater, prevent future malfunctions and breakdowns, and save money on your monthly utility bill? Our team of local plumbers offer comprehensive water heater repair and water heater installation services for homeowners in your local area. We will help maintain comfort by restoring optimal water heater function.

Here is when to consider scheduling a water heater repair or installation:

  • Your home currently only has lukewarm or cold water
  • Your water heater is more than 10 years old
  • The tank of your water heater has signs of rust or deterioration
  • The water coming from your faucets is discolored
  • There is a leak in the water heater tank
  • There is sediment buildup in the tank of your water heater
  • Your water heater has not been properly maintained

Water Or Sewer Line Replacement and Installation Services

When repairs are not enough to restore optimal water or sewer line function, it’s time to schedule a replacement service. Common drain line problems that might warrant a sewer line replacement include clogs, cracks, and slow drainage. Here are additional signs that you should schedule a sewer or water line replacement:

  • The pipes are fragile or old
  • The lines are prone to damage
  • It is more cost-effective to replace than to keep repairing
  • They are damaged beyond repair

If you need help deciding whether to schedule a water line repair or replacement, we are here to help. We only recommend replacements when they will benefit our clients.

Plumbers and Plumbing Repair Services in Trenton, NJ

Drain Clearing Services

Small drain clogs can quickly turn into big drain blockages that cause major issues in your home. Our team of expert plumbers offer reputable drain clearing services in Trenton, NJ and are available to help you fix a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom. To prevent clogs in your pipes, we recommend keeping these household items out of your drains:

  • Medication
  • Coffee grounds
  • Grease and oil
  • Paint
  • Eggshells
  • Excess hair

Heating Repair & Installation Services

If your heating system is not working correctly, schedule an HVAC repair or installation appointment with our team of professionals in Trenton, NJ. Our technicians offer a variety of HVAC solutions including furnace repair, boiler installation, heat pump system maintenance, humidifier installation, and furnace replacement. We will help you maintain household warmth when you need it most with fast and affordable heating repair services in your local area.

Furnace Repair & Replacement Services

Stay warm all winter long and extend the life of your furnace by scheduling a furnace repair or replacement with the HVAC experts at Horizon. Our technicians offer dependable furnace and HVAC repair services in your neighborhood and have the tools necessary to diagnose the problem with your system.

Here are the top three signs that your furnace needs repairs or a replacement:

  • Unusual noises
  • Cold air production
  • Leaking


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