Electrical Repair Services in Albemarle, NC

Electrical problems can happen when you least expect them to. Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long to repair them. Horizon offers 24-hour electrical support and services for Albemarle homeowners. We offer a comprehensive list of electrical repair services to meet and exceed your needs when you need them most.

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Electrical Repair Services

Hold on there—while it may be tempting to fix electrical issues yourself, messing with wires is not something you should DIY. Instead of putting you and your family at risk of fires and electrocution, call Horizon’s team of certified electricians. Our electricians are licensed and equipped with years of experience to solve your most difficult electrical problems.

Our electrical repair services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Blown out outlets
  • Blown out fuses
  • Broken dimmers & switches
  • Ceiling fan replacement
  • Circuit breaker that keeps tripping

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

Modern technology is everywhere—especially in homes. But how does electricity even power these devices? It all traces back to your electrical panel. Your electrical panel is responsible for distributing electricity to all of your cherished electronics and appliances. However, most homeowners have more electronics than their electrical panel can handle. By contacting Horizon, our electricians can determine the best solution for your electrical panel needs.

An electrical panel upgrade will allow you to: 

  • Add more outlets & circuits
  • Reduce overcrowded outlets
  • Provide power for larger appliances like dryers
  • Provide power for renovation & additional needs 
  • Avoid breakers from overloading & tripping

Our Albemarle  electricians are experts in:

  • Main circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Adding circuits & breakers
  • Fixing tripped breaker problems
  • Electrical panel upgrades & repairs
  • 220-volt circuits

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Craving more ambiance for your Albemarle home? Leave it to Horizon’s lighting experts. Our lighting team specializes in installing premium ambient, accent, and task lighting to keep your home looking up-to-date. Installing lighting like outdoor spotlights and security lights can also keep your property safe while increasing its value. 

Our Albemarle lighting experts can take care of your lighting needs, including: 

  • Interior & exterior accent lighting
  • Patio, deck, & front porch lighting
  • Landscape & garden lighting
  • Exterior walkway lighting
  • Security lighting

Whole-Home Generator Installation Services

Power outages aren’t fun for anyone—especially when you don’t have backup power. Stop scrambling for your flashlight and keep your power on during North Carolina’s most severe storms with a whole-home generator. A whole-home generator hooks up to your electrical system and will automatically turn on when it detects a lack of electrical supply. Let our technicians install the backup power your Albemarle needs for seamless electricity.

Never miss a moment of power and enjoy the benefits of a whole-home generator, such as:

  • Convenience
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safer operation
  • Hours of run time

Electrical Wiring Services

Older homes are appealing to many Americans—however, older homes built between the 1960s and 1970s may still have aluminum wiring behind the walls. Aluminum was a common alternative to copper wiring during the mid-century. Aluminum was affordable and produced the same conductivity as copper wiring. However, it was discovered that aluminum was the cause of many house fires due to its weak, breakable material when hot. 

If you’re living in an older home, our licensed electricians can inspect your electrical system and determine whether you need copper rewiring.

We also offer spa, pool, and hot tub wiring services to boost your relaxation.

Leave the wiring to us and schedule a service for:

  • Copper rewiring
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Jacuzzi & whirlpool wiring
  • Spa, pool, or hot tub lighting & installation
  • Pool area accent & security lighting

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