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If you’re looking for an electrician in Gastonia, North Carolina, Horizon Services is the name you can trust. Our team of certified electricians is equipped with the most advanced technology to perform the skilled electrical services you need. Don’t second guess yourself when it comes to home power and safety. You deserve a service provider that gets the job done right every time.

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Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

The electrical panel controls the flow of electricity throughout your home—to every appliance, light bulb, and outlet. This is why you need a panel that will deliver safe, strong, and reliable power. Our team of skilled electricians offer dependable electrical panel installation and upgrade services for homeowners in your area. If you’ve noticed a recent lack in power delivery, it may be time to install a new electrical panel.

With an upgraded electrical panel, you can:

  • Add more outlets and circuits
  • Avoid breakers from overloading and tripping
  • Reduce over-crowded outlets
  • Provide power for larger appliances such as dryers
  • Provide power for remodeling or addition needs

Find the right electrical panel upgrade service for your home:

  • Main circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Adding circuits
  • Adding breakers
  • Fix problems that cause breakers to trip constantly
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Electrical panel repairs
  • 220-volt circuits

Outdoor & Indoor Lighting Installation Services

Improve the look and feel of your home from the inside out with a lighting system update. You’ll be able to navigate your outdoor and indoor spaces more easily, plus the value of your home will increase for potential buyers. Our staff of professional electricians offer lighting installation services for families in Gastonia, NC and are committed to helping you choose new task lights or accent lights for your house. 

Whatever outdoor or indoor lighting installation you’re looking for, we offer it:

  • Patio lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Front porch lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Exterior accent lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Exterior walkway lighting

Whole-Home Generator Installation Services

With summer comes storms—storms that can knock out the power from time to time. No power in the summer means no air conditioning until it’s restored. A hot summer day with no AC? No thank you. Install a whole-home generator for power you can count on in every situation.

Installing a whole-home generator comes with its benefits, namely:

  • Safer operation
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased user-friendliness
  • Greater affordability

Electrical Wiring Services

Most homes built between the mid-1960s and early 1970s are equipped with aluminum wiring, as it was widely available, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. We now know that aluminum wiring is a potential fire hazard due to its likelihood of overheating. If your home has aluminum wiring, we strongly recommend replacing it with copper wiring—a much safer, more efficient alternative.

We offer electrical wiring services for:

  • Spa, pool, or hot tub lighting
  • Jacuzzis & whirlpools
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Pool area accent lighting
  • Pool security lighting

Gastonia, North Carolina

The Horizon team is honored to provide Gastonia residents with top-notch electrical services. Gastonia is home to the James H. Lynn Planetarium, which is the only planetarium in the area. If you’re looking to grab dinner and drinks, head to the Downtown Gastonia Historic District for a fun night out on the town. Gastonia is every nature lover’s paradise. Local Crowders Mountain State Park is the perfect destination for hiking, picnics, camping, and fishing.

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Backed by reliable same-day repairs, next-day installations, and 24/7 emergency services, Horizon never makes you wait for the electrical services you need. Our team of certified electricians provides the top-notch electrical repair and installation services you need whenever you need them. Schedule a service with us today.

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