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5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Lighting System

5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Lighting System

What is smart lighting? At first glance, these systems might seem superficial. After all, it’s not hard to flip a switch. Additionally, it can be challenging to understand all of the benefits smart lighting systems offer until you have experienced them. If you have not enjoyed seeing how these bulbs can enhance your space, we have put together a guide to help you understand them.

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What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart technology, especially smart lighting, enhances the convenience and capabilities of the lighting system in your home. You can control your lights remotely using an app on your phone, computer, or Bluetooth. You can easily use your Wi-Fi to link to your smart home hub.

These lights also come with sensors that detect lighting conditions or motion so that they can turn on and off based on the light in a room or activity levels. You will save energy by having them off when you don’t need them.

Sophisticated smart lights can use machine learning to adapt to your habits. For example, they will learn your routing and mimic the typical usage when you are not home, making your house more secure.

5 Advantages of Smart Lighting

Even though you may not see the advantages of using a smart lighting system, we will highlight them. This way, you can decide if they will benefit you.

1. Convenience

These lights help you light up your entire house at once. Tapping a button and switching your lights from off to on across your whole house saves time.

It also makes going to bed easier as every light can stay on until you get situated in bed, then you can flip them off. Installing smart lighting systems and making it as convenient as possible are some of the electrical services we offer if you are uncomfortable making the switch on your own.

2. Save Energy

By automating and remotely controlling what lights you turn on or off, you can ensure that you only use them when necessary. This can lower your utility bills and save you money. As a bonus, it helps the environment by minimizing how much you rely on the electrical grid.

3. Various Colors

These lights come in several fun colors. During a typical day, you can gently shift your lights from cooler whites to warmer ones, and this can impact how you work. A warm, cozy, dim room is excellent for reading and relaxing. But, if it’s dreary out and you need to focus, cool white can help keep you on task.

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4. Sync the Light Fixtures With Your Entertainment

One of the advanced features smart lighting systems offer is entertainment sync. It monitors your video signal going to the TV and maps the colors around the edge. Your lights will follow the dominant colors. So, if your show features an explosion, the lights can show oranges and yellow hues to immerse you in whatever you want to watch.

5. Security

Smart lights can help you secure your house. You can adjust them remotely, no matter where you are. However, the dedicated away mode is the absolute convenience factor.

This feature randomly and routinely turns your lights on and off so anyone who sees it will assume someone is home. Additionally, you can have motion activation on your lights, and it’s essential for outdoor lighting to safeguard your doors or windows.

5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Lighting System

What Types of Smart Lighting Products and Equipment Are Available?

Even though there are dozens of smart lights available, some are more popular than others. We have created an outline of various different types of smart lighting systems for homes.

Smart Light Bulbs

What is a smart bulb? You can connect a smart bulb to an existing socket and link it to your Wi-Fi network. Buying smart light bulbs is an easy way to customize the lighting in your living space without professional lighting installation services. You can control each bulb on your Smartphone app.

It allows you to pick how many individual smart bulbs you have per room and where they would help the most. You can get various features, including mood-based lighting schemes, programmable scheduling, and adjustable brightness.

Hub-Controlled Smart Lights

Hub-controller smart lights can control the entire lighting in a house. To ensure they work with your smart home hub, you must carefully identify this smart lighting system. In homes with multiple smart devices, hub-controlled smart lights can enable IFTTT (if this, then that) applications.

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Smart Light Switches and Dimmers

Smart dimmers and switches are a type of smart lighting system that give you excellent control over your lighting. You can usually integrate them with your existing light bulbs, and they are cost-effective.

What is the Lifespan of a Smart Light Bulb?

Most smart lighting comes designed to work with LED lighting technology. So, the average smart bulb will last 15,000 to 25,000 hours or 15 to 25 years. However, in some instances, smart LED bulbs may die quicker than non-smart LEDs. However, they are more durable than traditional incandescent lights.


Lighting Installation and Repair Services

If you need assistance installing a smart lighting system in your house, give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to book an appointment. Our team of skilled electricians in Concord, NC offer dependable light fixture installation and replacement services for homes.

We ensure your smart lighting systems are installed correctly, operate efficiently, and are expertly repaired when necessary. Our electricians also offer other types of electrical services including electrical panel installation, ceiling fan repair, wiring maintenance, and whole-house generator installation.

We are committed to enhancing your living environment with well-maintained lighting. Our team is also available to help you resolve other types of electrical issues in your living space.


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