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One of the most enjoyable parts about the holiday season is getting to turn your home into a winter wonderland! And what’s one of the most popular decorations this time of year? Holiday lights! However, your stockings aren’t the only things you should hang with care.

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In order to hang your holiday lights safely, make sure you follow these tips.

Outdoor Lights

Use a Sturdy Ladder

You should be using a sturdy, metal ladder, ideally with slip-preventing steps, to climb up and hang holiday lights from your gutters. Make sure you’re placing the ladder on solid ground, not in any puddles or muddy areas. It’s also best to have someone spot you and hold the ladder while you’re on it.

Use Outdoor-Approved Decorations and Cords

You’ll likely need an extension cord or two to connect all your lights, so make sure you’re only using cords approved for outdoor use. You should also be checking to make sure you’re hanging outdoor-approved lights, as not all holiday lights are meant to be outside.

Indoor Lights

Don’t Overload Your Circuits

If a single plug in your living room is powering your Christmas tree lights, three strands of hanging lights, and your cable box, you’re bound to have a short circuit — or worse, a fire. Don’t overload your circuits. To be safe, you should only have a max of two strands of lights plugged into a single circuit.

Keep Lights Away from Flammable Items

You may be tempted to lay a strand of lights across your wall unit, but those lights will generate heat that could easily burn any nearby fabric or paper items. To prevent damage to your other belongings or a fire, keep your lights a few feet away from anything flammable.

For more tips on being safe this holiday season, ask the professionals at Horizon. And when you’re in need of heating, cooling, or plumbing services, give us a call anytime!


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