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How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head: 6 Easy Steps

How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head: 6 Easy Steps

Are you trying to remove an outdated shower head in your bathroom? Disassembling an old shower fixture is an easy process if you have the correct tools and follow the correct steps. Take a look at our guide to learn more about how to remove a stuck shower head.

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How to Remove a Shower Head

1. Gather the Correct Tools

Gather the following tools before you get started:

  • A tarp or garbage bag
  • A wrench or pliers
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Vinegar
  • A gallon bag
  • Steel wool

2. Protect Your Tub and Bathroom Fixtures

Disconnect the water supply in your home so you don’t get soaked while disassembling the shower fixture. Cover your tub or shower with either a tarp or a large trash bag. This will protect the surface from any rust or metal that falls from the shower head.

3. Remove the Malfunctioning Shower Head

The next step to removing a stuck shower head is to use a wrench or pliers to disassemble it. As a precaution, wrap the wrench or pliers in a layer of plumber’s tape to keep rust and other contents from making a mess. Once you get the shower head loose, you can use your hands to finish removing it.

If the stuck shower head still doesn’t budge, try wrapping a gallon bag full of vinegar around it. The acidity of the vinegar will remove rust and mineral buildup that prevents the shower head from loosening.

4. Clean the Shower Pipe

Once you remove the old shower head, get the shower pipe squeaky clean so it’s in tip-top shape for the new one. Use steel wool and vinegar to remove all rust and mineral buildup from the shower pipe.

5. Install a Replacement Shower Head

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the new shower head in your bathroom. Start by wrapping plumber’s tape around the pipe threads to prevent future leaks. Next, remove the tarp or trash bag, and reconnect your water supply. Turn on the new shower head to make sure it works and doesn’t have any leaks.

6. Maintain Your Shower Head

One easy way to keep your new shower head in working condition for years to come is to clean it once annually with vinegar. This process will help ensure your new shower head does not get stuck. In addition, cleaning the fixture with vinegar will prevent rust and mineral buildup that can corrode and form leaks.

How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head: 6 Easy Steps

3 Common Shower Head Issues

1. Clogged Shower Head

If your shower head is clogged, the source of the issue may be a gradual buildup of minerals. Eventually, minerals will start to collect on your shower head and prevent water from exiting. An easy way to fix a clogged shower head is to use vinegar. The acidity will break up mineral deposits and restore water flow.

2. Leaky Fixture

Nothing is more annoying than the subtle yet constant dripping sound of a shower head. These leaks occur when the shower head is loose, or corrosion has occurred, forming holes in the device.First, try simply tightening the shower head. If it continues leaking, replace it with a new fixture.

3. Low Water Pressure

In addition to clogs caused by mineral buildup, shower heads can develop low water pressure due to a malfunctioning mixing valve, a closed valve, or an improperly sized shower head. The best way to address any of these problems is to call a local plumber.


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