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3 Reasons Your Floor Drain Keeps Backing Up

3 Reasons Your Floor Drain Keeps Backing Up

If the floor drain in your home keeps backing up with water, it’s time to search for the underlying cause. Don’t wait to address this problem, as a backed-up floor drain can result in costly water damage due to standing water. Check out our guide to determine what is causing the problem and how you can fix it.

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Why Is the Floor Drain In My Home Backing Up?

Wondering why your floor drain keeps backing up? One of the three problems below is likely the cause.

1. Clogged Drain Lines

Out of all the drain lines in your home, the floor drain sits at the lowest point. When other drain lines get clogged, wastewater can’t flow through them. At that point, the wastewater has nowhere else to go but the drain line. Since the floor drain can’t keep up with all the excess wastewater, it will start to overflow.

2. Sewer Line Clogs

Similar to drain lines, your sewer line can become clogged with waste and debris over time. If your floor drain is backing up, this is a sign wastewater can’t flow through the sewer line. The floor drain eventually fills with so much wastewater that the water overflows to relieve pressure.

3. Sewer Line Damage

Damage such as cracks and holes in the sewer line can also prevent wastewater from flowing through it properly. The excess wastewater enters the floor drain and causes backups in your home.

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3 Ways To Stop Basement Floor Drain Backups

Follow these three steps to stop your basement floor drain from backing up with water.

1. Ask Questions

How long has the floor drain been backing up with wastewater? Have backups occurred previously? Does the backed-up water smell bad? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself to fix this issue

2. Test Your Plumbing Fixtures

Hire a plumber to test your plumbing fixtures. This process involves turning the fixtures on and off to see what happens when water flows through the drain line and sewer lines.

3. Inspect the Pipes With a Camera

Your plumber will also inspect your pipes with a camera to locate the exact source of the floor drain backup. This inspection will help the plumber know whether repairs or replacements are needed.

3 Reasons Your Floor Drain Keeps Backing Up

How to Fix a Clogged Floor Drain

Are you tired of your floor drain constantly backing up? Here are three ways to fix the problem for good. If none of these solutions do the job, a plumber will need to take a closer look.

1. Hot Water

If a clog is the source of your backed-up floor drain, try pouring hot water down the drain. The hot water will remove any residue,such as oil, grease, and soap, that has accumulated in the drain line.

2. Common Household Solution

Pour a combination of vinegar and baking soda down the drain line to break up the residue. After about 15 minutes, pour hot water down the drain line to remove the remaining mixture.

3. Plunging

Plunging is a dependable method that can be used for breaking up drain clogs and preventing floor drain backups. The repeated suction moves the clog further down the drain until it exits through the other end.


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