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Chances are if you live in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington County New Jersey, or Northeastern Maryland you have a sump pump in your basement. The reason is that the Mid-Atlantic States sit on top of one the world’s largest freshwater aquifers. We have plenty of rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. We get over 40″ rain per year…and at times, that rainfall can be very sudden and intense.

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What is the Purpose of a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are useful for properties lying in floodplains. Water that gathers in the sump pit or basement of a property can do a lot of damage to the structure over time. If you have a home that lies in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump is one of the most important pieces of plumbing you can have installed.

The sump pump works by pumping out the water which has accumulated in a specially created pit or sump. It also serves to clear moisture that has gathered over the years, which can equally be as damaging. For sump pump installation, it is necessary to contact a plumber or plumbing contractor like Horizon Services.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are several types of sump pump available. The two most common ones are the submersible and pedestal sump pumps. As its name suggests, the submersible version sits below the waterline, actually in the sump where the water gathers. The engine is sealed within the unit to protect it against water and debris.

The submersible sump is the most recommended, but also one of the most expensive, however, it works quietly and is very efficient.

The pedestal sump pump is ideal for use with smaller sumps. The pump engine sits outside the sump and, therefore, has no protection against the water. The fact that the engine is kept clear of the water, however, means that it remains serviceable for years. And what is more, if you have a tight budget, this type of sump pump is cheaper than the submersible.

No matter which type of sump pump you choose to install, you must remember that most operate using mainly electricity. This can become a major problem if there is a huge storm that triggers a power outage. Flood water may still seep in but because there is no electricity your pump will not work. This problem has been dealt with by the introduction of the battery backup sump pump.

The battery backup sump pump is more expensive than the standard submersible and pedestal versions. Even if you are away from home, these pumps will kick into life once flooding occurs, clearing any water that pours into your basement. The battery life is also good, with the pump able to clear 9,000 gallons of water between recharges.

Incidentally, there are also backup pump systems, also powered with a battery as well as pumps that work with water pressure from your domestic water supply, which both can operate alongside your existing pump. The battery style will only work when there is either no power or your main system cannot operate. The water powered type will also be activated if the main pump fails to work. To determine the best choice for your home ask your professional plumber.

How Sump Pumps Operate

The way the sump pump works is quite simple. Each pump comes equipped with a float. Once the water reaches a predetermined height adjusted by your professional the pump float is activated. The water is pumped away from your property by means of discharge pipe. Backflow is avoided by a check valve. Extreme flooding and/or other more severe conditions may require alternative solutions and should be best handled by a professional service.

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