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How often does your quick morning shower turn into a bath because the water won’t drain? Do your dishes end up sitting in dirty water because your kitchen sink won’t drain either? Not good. Slow draining is the tell-tale sign of a clog, and although they’re common, there’s no denying that clogs are very inconvenient.

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But what exactly is causing your plumbing to suffer from so many? We hate to break it to you, but it could be your bad habits.

The Real Reasons Your Drains Keep Getting Clogged

You Toss Wipes Down the Toilet

It doesn’t matter if the packaging on your bathroom wipes says “flushable” — they’re not. Wipes don’t break down the same way toilet paper does, so they often end up clumping together and clogging your drains. If you use wipes, toss them in the trash instead of your toilet.

You Don’t Use Hair Traps

When you’re in the shower washing your hair or shaving over the sink, do you let hair flow straight down the drain? Bad idea! All that hair combines with your shampoo and forms nasty clogs in your drains. Invest in cheap plastic or rubber hair traps for your shower, and place a towel down before shaving in the sink.

You Pour Oil Down Your Kitchen Sink

When you fry up something for dinner or need to drain the oil from canned food, you shouldn’t pour the grease down your drain. Oil and grease can solidify in your pipes and cause big clogs. Instead of pouring it down the drain, pour oil and grease into an empty can, let it harden, and then toss the can in the recycling.

You Have Hard Water

If your water comes from a well water system, you may have hard water running through your plumbing. All those minerals in your water can build up, harden in your pipes, and form a clog. If you suspect you have hard water, installing a water softener can help and prevent future clogs.

Stay Clog-Free with Horizon

Of course, drain clogs aren’t entirely avoidable. When they do occur, turn to the highly-trained plumbers at Horizon Services, LLC for outstanding drain cleaning services. We even offer same day service and emergency drain cleaning at no extra charge so you can get back to enjoying your home and living your life.

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