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Why You Should Fix a Leak ASAP

Why You Should Fix a Leak ASAP

Do you ever go into your bathroom and notice the slow, steady drip of water leaking from the tub faucet? While you may not think to pay it much mind, leaks anywhere in your home are not something that you should ignore. It’s essential to get those leaks fixed as soon as possible in order to protect your home and your wallet.

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Leaks Waste a Ton of Water

Even if your kitchen sink only leaks a few times a minute, those tiny drops can add up to be thousands of gallons of water per year. Whether it’s your faucet, a shower head, or a pipe, leaks can waste a ton of water and put a strain on our planet’s most important resource.

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Small Leaks Only Get Bigger

If you noticed water leaking from a pipe, you may think you can hold off on making any repairs right away, but that’s not wise. The longer you let leaks go untreated, the more likely they are to worsen over time. What can seem like a minuscule leak one day can end up becoming a burst pipe the next.

Leaks Allow for Mold

Especially if your plumbing leak is one that is hidden behind a wall, it can be difficult to spot and all the more dangerous. The more moisture leaks allow into your home, the more chances there are for mold growth. Not only is that dangerous to your health, but removing mold once it’s there can be an expensive task.

Leaks Hurt Your Wallet

Whether it’s removing mold, paying for the damage a burst pipe caused, or simply covering the costs of a higher water bill, leaks are no friend to your wallet. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg covering the costs of leaks, you’re better off fixing them sooner rather than later.

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