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Think You Can Take On That Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Think You Can Take On That Bathroom Remodeling Project?
Before You Decide to Do It Yourself, Read This! With one of the highest rates of return on investment of any home improvement, bathroom remodeling not only adds value to your home, but also is a major selling point for potential buyers. However, when you consider everything that goes into a quality bathroom renovation, the costs can add up quickly. From fixtures to plumbing to floors to paint, you may find yourself in over your head before you even begin. Add expensive labor costs and contractor fees and you may start to think that doing the work yourself is not a bad idea. But before you undertake a major bathroom renovation project on your own, think about it carefully. Sure, you can manage to finish all the work yourself but can you manage to make it look great? We all want to save money, but none of us wants oddly cut tiles, crooked wallpaper, peeling paint,leaky pipes an uneven toilet, or any one of the number of other little mistakes that can creep their way into an amateur remodeling project. Make sure you’re ready for—and can live with—a finished job that looks like you did it yourself. Have you ever planned and executed such a project before? Not everyone has the eye, the vision, the understanding, the attention to detail, or the focus to properly design a bathroom themselves. And have you ever actually performed any of the remodeling tasks that your plan calls for or used any of the tools required to do the job? If you are inexperienced or just all thumbs, you may be biting off a lot more than you can chew. Are you basing your bathroom remodel on something you got from a home improvement book or magazine? Sure, on paper it may seem like a simple, step-by-step process. But remodeling a bathroom is not like baking cookies. All homes and bathrooms are not alike, and a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all design project may simply not work for your bathroom situation. Does your municipality require permits for such work? If so, do you know how to acquire them? Plumbing and remodeling contractors can get these permits easily; do-it-yourselfers may not know the proper channels. If you’ve ever attempted a do-it-yourself home improvement you know how hard it can be to overlook even the smallest mistake once the project is complete. Your eyes go over and over that one spot that looks less than perfect or that dark corner that just doesn’t seem right. If you’re the kind of person who is uncomfortable with imperfection or can’t deal with your own failures then it may be better to leave the job to a professional. One of the best things about hiring a pro is that they know people. And not just any people. They know people who can get great deals on everything from light fixtures to faucets to custom tiles. You probably do not know these people. A professional can help you get the best price on the best materials; you could actually end up paying more by doing things on your own. Home improvements take time. In some cases, they can take lots of time—time away from your spouse, your kids, your normal life. Before you undertake a major renovation like a bathroom remodel, make sure you consider the toll it may take on your personal life and your relationships. Annoying delays and setbacks can pile up, making what once seemed like a simple project drag on for weeks or months. Unless you’re truly prepared for the unknown, you may want to leave things to the pros. Bathroom upgrades are not a simple home improvement project. You may be reluctant to spend money on hiring a professional, but this is really the only way to avoid costly mistakes. It is possible, though, to save money even if you go with a pro. Here are some ways how:
  • Buy your own fixtures instead of paying the contractor’s mark-up.
  • Remove tile and flooring yourself if your plan is to replace it anyway.
  • Take on painting and tiling on your own. Even if you’re a total novice, you can do a good job with a little practice.

Don't Forget: Beautiful walls, cabinets and floors are great, but the real guts of your bathroom are the pipes and plumbing fixtures. You not only want your remodeled bathroom to look like a million bucks, you want it to be functional and worry-free. If your bathroom remodeling project calls for the installation, replacement or reconfiguration of plumbing fixtures, pipes and equipment, call the plumbing professionals at Horizon Services. We will make sure that everything is installed and connected properly and fully operational so that you can use and enjoy your new bathroom to its fullest.