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Why is My AC So Loud?

Why is My AC So Loud?

As a machine, your home’s air conditioner is bound to make some noise here and there. However, those noises should be relatively quiet and not disrupt your day. If your AC is so loud that you find yourself cranking up the volume on the TV, you may have a problem on your hands. Here are just a few reasons why your air conditioner may be so loud.

Ductwork Issues

Sometimes, all that noise is not coming from the AC itself but rather your ductwork. If there is a pressure buildup of air inside your ducts, that force can cause popping noises every time your air conditioner runs. On the contrary, if your ductwork has any cracks or loose seals, air can leak out of them and produce a hissing noise.

It’s important to have your ductwork expected regularly to ensure that none of these issues occur — or, if they do, you have them fixed right away.

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Loose Parts

If you notice a rattling or clunking sound whenever your air conditioner cycles on, there may be a loose part inside of it causing the noise. Since that loose part can easily become detached and create bigger problems in your unit, it's essential to have the part repaired or replaced as soon as you become aware of it..

Old Unit

Air conditioning units typically last around 10 to 15 years, and newer units are always quieter than older ones. Especially if you've had your AC for longer than you can remember, all that noise may be the result of a worn down system. If this is the case, it's often best to replace the system entirely with a newer, quieter unit.

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