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Schwartz Plumbing logoAt Horizon Services, we understand that a functioning water heater is essential for your home. If your water heater breaks down, we offer prompt 24-hour repair, installation, and replacement services. Our technicians have undergone rigorous technical training to handle various plumbing services for both electric and gas water heaters.

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We take pride in providing same-day service, next-day installations, and our Hot Water Today or You Don’t Pay Guarantee*. With almost three decades of experience in the industry, you can rely on Horizon Services for all your water heater needs. Our services include water heater repair, installation, replacement, maintenance, and we also offer a comprehensive list of components for gas water heaters.

Water Heater Components: Gas Burner & Assembly: The heat source of your gas water heater, known as the gas burner, is located beneath the tank. TheWhite Water Heater control module is situated on the side of the tank and functions like a thermostat to regulate the temperature to ignite the pilot light. The gas line accompanies the tank, and it has a shut-off valve to turn off the gas in case of an emergency.Exhaust Flue: During the combustion phase of your gas water heater, harmful gases are produced. The exhaust flue is responsible for expelling these gases and heat outside your home. It also acts as a heat exchanger.Pressure Relief Valve & Drain Valve: These two components serve as safety features of your gas water heater. The pressure relief valve and drain valve are responsible for releasing excess pressure and temperature when either of them builds up too much in the tank. This helps to prevent damage to the system that could result from too much pressure or heat. You can also use the drain valve to flush out sediments that can damage your gas water heater system.Tank, Dip Tube, & Discharge Pipe: The most significant component of your gas water heater is the tank, which stores cold water. The dip tube allows cold water to enter the tank from the top and extend to the bottom. As the water gets heated, it rises to the top of the tank and exits through the discharge pipe, which distributes hot water throughout your home. In case of an emergency, you can shut off the water supply to the tank using a valve located on the cold water line that enters the tank.

Common Water Heater Noises & How to Fix Them:

Rumbling Noise: If your water heater system makes a rumbling noise, it indicates water expansion and sediment clashing as the temperature in the tank increases. Flushing out the sediments can resolve this issue. You can use vinegar to remove any remaining sludge.

Ticking Noise: If you hear a ticking sound, it could be due to the water pressure. Heat traps in the water outlet and inlet nipples may cause the ticking noise. Replacing the nipples with non-heat traps or tightening loose straps that may cause the sound can resolve this problem. You can also reduce the water temperature by a few degrees to stop the pipes from expanding excessively, which minimizes the ticking noise.

Popping Noise: Popping noises in your water heater indicate limescale buildup due to hard water. Flushing and draining your tank can remove any mineral sediment buildup. Descaling can also prevent further deposits.

Screeching Noise: A screeching noise from your water heater may indicate a problem with certain valves in your system. The T&P Relief Valve is a safety valve that relieves pressure and temperature when it gets too high. If you think this is the source of the problem, turn off your water heater and contact a plumber. A slightly opened inlet valve can also hinder proper water flow, making a screeching noise. Ensure it’s fully open to resolve this issue.

Servicing All Major Makes & Models

Horizon Services sets the gold standard for technician training in the plumbing industry. Our expert plumbers undergo 3 hours of mandatory technical training every week for 52 weeks a year, giving them unparalleled proficiency in performing water heater repair services using the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques. This gives us a clear edge over our competitors.

Our Technicians Are Trained to Perform Repairs On Water Heaters From the Following Brands & Manufacturers: 

Our services cater to electric and gas water heaters of any size, delivering exceptional results. Our pricing policy is transparent, ensuring that you won’t encounter any unexpected costs. We provide upfront quotes based on the job, not the hours worked, which means the price you’re quoted at the beginning of the service is the final price you’ll pay.


*Call before 4pm; guarantee applies to water heaters with 50-gallon tanks or below; excludes weekends; call for complete details.

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