As a homeowner, you likely run into many home maintenance challenges. But you don’t have to handle those struggles alone. Horizon has a long history of serving Pasadena, Maryland, and can handle any plumbing, heating, and air conditioning need you may have.

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From our service guarantees to our industry-leading warranties, we promise to deliver efficient and professional help that gets your system back up and running.

Air Conditioning Services

Most people don’t pay attention to their AC units and that’s because it’s working well. The moment your air conditioning system stops working is when you begin to realize how crucial it is. Our team offers reliable air conditioning repair services in Pasadena, MD and can help you avoid outages throughout the season. Our technicians are also available for emergency calls as necessary.

Heating Services

Heating and air conditioning are of equal importance to families at different times of the year. But with heat, a furnace failure or boiler leak can be hazardous. Solve those issues with our innovative HVAC repair and tune-up services in your area. Our technicians will diagnose and repair your heater or install a replacement. In no time, you’ll be warm and cozy again.

Plumbing Services

Our professional plumbers in Pasadena, MD can help you replace a damaged faucet or install new pipes in your living space. Our technicians come prepared to handle any issue. If it’s hot water you’re missing, we guarantee to get it up and running, or you don’t pay.

Pasadena, MD Community

Horizon enjoys serving Pasadena, MD, 21122 and nearby communities. And it’s not just the natural beauty that drew us to the area. Between Downs Park and Fort Smallwood Park, there is plenty to admire. But the best part about Pasadena is our customers.

We love helping to make our families’ homes more comfortable and safer. Whether it’s a plumbing issue or a heating and cooling checkup, our technicians love delivering professional aid to you and your family.

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