Dependable Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Services for Residents in Northfield, NJ

Northfield residents might recognize the name Horizon, as our company has provided heating and cooling and plumbing services for the last thirty years. Over that period, we have established a good working relationship with the people of Northfield, New Jersey, and gained an excellent reputation for “always open” customer service.

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Air Conditioning

We offer installation and repairs on air conditioning units, with the latest in cutting-edge technology and professional tune-ups. In addition to repairing bad parts and other issues that go wrong, we also offer modern comforts like humidifiers and smart home connectivity. Using a Google Nest system, you can easily centralize your AC unit with the rest of your appliances and make WI-FI voice commands.



We offer not only heater repairs but also service boilers and furnaces. We can have your home equipped for cozy warm temperatures, even in the stark, cold season of winter. Ask us about making your electricity or gas-powered system more efficient with modern elements. You may find that upgrading technology can reduce higher utility bills.



Homeowners understand the complexity of plumbing issues, not to mention the problems a faulty system causes. It’s hard to deny that many plumbing problems qualify as “emergencies” since toilets, faucets, showers, and keep us hygienic. Knowing this, we offer a variety of services for families, including emergency repairs, to make sure your bathroom remains a “sanctuary” from the harsh world out there.


Horizon Loves Northfield

Horizon has always kept Northfield, NJ 08225 customers close to our hearts. We power up the same places that the locals frequent, from Birch Grove Park and its incredible woodland acres to the Risley Homestead Museum, which is a must-see 19th-century farmhouse. Don’t take a chance with DIY work. One wrong move and the entire system could suffer irreparable damage. Hire a professional to tune-up your home systems and provide heating and air conditioning solutions that last.

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