Solid Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Services for Families in Forest Grove, PA

Horizon is thrilled to serve homeowners, families, and customers in Forest Grove, PA. We’re proud to live in this community, and we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing the best customer service and quality of work anywhere in the state.  We’re here 24/7 to address your needs, and we know once you pick up that phone, you’ll know you made the right choice by calling Horizon.

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Air Conditioning

Horizon offers professional tune-ups to your air conditioning. You don’t want to have to deal with the hot temperatures during the summer without having your air conditioning. We have an expert staff that is always available to assist you with replacing filters, ducts, and programming thermostats.


We service and maintain heaters, boilers, furnaces, tanks, and more. Let the expert staff at Horizon diagnose the problem and make sure it never comes back again with a preventative maintenance plan.


Not only do we provide heating and cooling, but we also take care of your plumbing needs as well. We have a team of trained and experienced plumbers who will ensure you get what you need. We’ll diagnose the problem, provide an action plan, and carry you through the process every step of the way. We fix leaky faucets, backed up drains, and slow pipes.

Horizon Loves Forest Grove

We’re popular in the Pennsylvania zip code 18922 due to our customer service. What keeps our customers coming back is our experience and the quality of work we provide. We love everything about this community and the people who live here. From Middletown Grange Fairgrounds to Dark Hollow Park to Neshaminy Valley Golf Course, we love all our local landmarks. Give Horizon a call and experience the difference in heating and cooling service.


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