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Can You Really Save Energy By Closing Bedroom Doors?

Everyone wants to save on energy costs. One of the most popular ways to save energy in the home is to close doors and vents, especially in rooms which are not occupied. The only problem is this will not save a cent. Energy cannot be saved by closing bedroom doors, or any other door in the home..

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Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer And Warm In Winter

To keep your home cool during the summer and warm in the winter, you need to have an efficient HVAC system. This is the system which provides air conditioning and heating. In order for it to work efficiently, air has to be able to circulate within the property. If doors are kept closed, even in unoccupied rooms, the air is not able to circulate freely. This, in turn, will lead to the HVAC system not being able to work efficiently, meaning that energy will be wasted instead of being saved.

Even if doors are closed the air does not even remain within the room. It is able to escape, which leads to draughts and more wasted energy and higher than expected energy costs. What is more, the escaped air is replaced by unfiltered air, such as from down the chimney or furnace flue, which can be unhealthy. For that reason alone it is not worth closing bedroom doors or vents in the misguided belief that it will save energy. The effect will be quite the opposite as new air will still rush in to replace the air that has been allowed to seep away.

Ensure Air Flows Freely Around The Home

It should be understood that best way to save on energy and keep those utility bills affordable is to allow the air from the HVAC system to flow freely around the home, instead of keeping it trapped behind the closed doors of unoccupied rooms.

There are several ways to ensure that air is allowed to flow throughout the premises, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. Some people install what is known as ‘cold air returns’ in each room. While this is very effective, it can also be time-consuming and costly, as holes will be have to be cut and ducts run into each room. A less costly, and for most people, more practical solution, is to have a transfer grill installed. Having a transfer grill fitted will also save time and cause less disruption during installation.

Finding A Solution

Whatever system of air transfer you choose, it is usually best to have it fitted by a qualified HVAC contractor. This is because it will have to be installed properly if the system is to work efficiently. The cost of installation will be more than offset over time as energy bills are kept manageable and the home is kept comfortable whatever the time of year.

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