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What Causes Washing Machines To Stop Draining?

Folks have enough problems in their daily lives without discovering their washing machine won’t drain. If you find yourself having such problems with your machine there are two things you can do. Hopefully the problem is simple and you can fix it yourself, but if it is more complicated it will be a case of having to call out your local plumbing service. There are certain faults that can be fixed using only a skilled plumber.

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Below, we’ve listed 4 of the more common reasons why a washing machine won’t drain.

Drive Belt

If the washer won’t drain, you should check the drive belt. If the belt is broken or if it isn’t tight on the pulleys the washer won’t drain properly, if at all.


One of the main reasons why a washing machine will not drain is that something is stuck in it, blocking the drainage tube. This is usually caused by failing to check the pockets of clothing put into the wash are empty and the loose items end up causing the blockage. A buildup of foreign matter, such as fluff or dog hair can also cause blockages. These kinds of blockages are often not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so it is always advisable to call out the plumber to ensure the machine does not suffer serious damage while the problem is being fixed.

Problems With The Pump

When the washing machine does not drain the first thing that should be checked for possible blockage is the drain tube. This can easily be done by removing the tube and checking it. If it does not appear to be blocked then the problem could be caused by the pump failing to clear the water at the end of the cycle. If this is the case the best course of action is to call out your local plumber who will repair or replace it.

Drain Problems

A sure indication that your washing machine has a problem is that water spills out on the floor during the cycle. If this happens the cause could well be a problem with the drain. This might be caused by the drain being blocked and the water backing up the pipe and eventually leaking out over the washroom or kitchen floor. Alternatively, the blockage could be in the trap located in the drain standpipe or even further down line.

It is possible to check where the blockage is by filling up the washing machine with water and setting the program to drain/spin. Just where the blockage is will be determined by the speed at which the water backs up. Remember to switch off the machine as soon as the water starts to leak.

Many blockages can be cleared using a drain snake. However, unless you have the correct tools and skills necessary to carry out this the task then call out a plumber.

Draining The Washing Machine

If the machine will not drain you will need to clear the water with minimum spillage before the problem can be dealt with. This is done through the drain hose, which is used to pour the water into a basin or other suitable receptacle placed at floor level.

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